About InterGifted

Supporting You on Your Giftedness Discovery Journey

Finding out you are gifted is one thing, understanding what that means, meeting other people like you, and creating a good life as a gifted person is a different story. That is where IG helps: we provide you education, access to peer support, personalized coaching, and other creative ways to help you on your journey to getting to know and like yourself, and live well as a gifted person. Wherever you are at on your giftedness discovery journey, IG has a place for you.

What We Offer

Our Gifted Coaching Network and gifted adult education services provide professional coaching and courses specific to gifted people. We have an active community in our secret facebook group, peer groups, and various calls and events. Our emphasis in IG is on action – not just knowing about giftedness, but knowing what to do with it in your own life, so that you can live well with your unique mind!

The Difference We Make

Lives have been changed for the better, deep connections created, and meaningful social change started. Though our community, we also hope to positively impact public awareness and perception of giftedness, so that gifted people can feel comfortable and supported in expressing their true selves not only in the gifted community, but in society in general.

How We Got Started

IG was founded by Jennifer Harvey Sallin, a psychologist and coach for gifted people. In her work over the years, clients asked again and again if she could connect them to her other gifted clients, and eventually she started forming the idea of a worldwide community of gifted peers helping each other out and having access to peer and professional support at their level. IG was officially online on August 3, 2015, and since then the community has grown rapidly all around the world.

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