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Inspiring and insightful articles on discovering and making the most of your giftedness, written by IG's Gifted Coaches & members of our InterGifted Community

Energy Patterns: The Cornerstone of Self-Care and Potential-Realization for Gifted People

Gifted people want to learn and accomplish so much in life! However, without understanding how to best manage their energy, they often find themselves burning out. Jennifer Harvey Sallin shares how gifted people can better understand and manage their energy to increase productivity, creativity, self-care and self-esteem.… Read More

How Gifted People Can Reach Mastery: The Gifted Coaching Process

As a gifted person, what should you do with your life? How should you use your talents? How can you find your inner callings and attain excellence in your domains of interest? Answering these questions requires persistent work over time, and a commitment to pushing yourself past the limits of your natural intelligence. In this article, Jennifer Harvey Sallin shares the process she guides her gifted clients through, from reconnecting with their inner calling(s) to creatively blending their many domains of interest.… Read More

The Stages of Adult Giftedness Discovery & How Gifted Coaching Can Help

Learning as an adult that you are gifted can create chaos in your life. Learn about the steps that gifted adults go through in their giftedness discovery journey and how gifted coaching can helps you put your life back in order, find self-acceptance, and get creative with your unique mind! An article by Jennifer Harvey Sallin.… Read More

High, Exceptional & Profound Giftedness

By Jennifer Harvey Sallin. What are the differences between step-by-step thinking, skip thinking and meta thinking? Highly gifted people are meta-thinkers, mildly gifted people are skip thinkers, and non-gifted people are step-by-step thinkers. Learn more in the excerpt from Jennifer’s upcoming book on giftedness.… Read More

Living with Intensity: Understanding Giftedness as Self-Actualization

Often accompanied by an intense inner disharmony, giftedness has more than once been confused with pathology in the course of history. However, rather than mental weakness or illness, Dabrowski looked at giftedness as a great catalyst for self-actualization. An article by Jennifer Harvey Sallin.… Read More

How InterGifted was Born: Jen’s Story

Jennifer Harvey Sallin started InterGifted in 2015 as a means to connect gifted peers around the world. In this article she shares her experience of publicly talking about being gifted for the first time, her motivations for creating InterGifted, how gifted people can recognize giftedness in themselves and others, and why it’s not arrogant to be sincerely who you are.

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