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Embracing the Gifted Quest

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Embracing the Gifted Quest

I was more than touched by Embracing The Gifted Quest! What a truly amazing project. You have most certainly captured the essence of Giftedness! Thank you to the InterGifted Community. A priceless gift. I will certainly recommend it! 

-Vanessa Wood, President/CEO, The International Gifted Consortium (IGC) 

What a pleasure to read real people's intimate love stories with giftedness - with all the conflict, joy, struggle, and triumph that a love story invariably brings. It's like reading a rare ode to giftedness, and brings out a humanness to the gifted story that I've always ached for in gifted literature!

-Jennifer Harvey Sallin, IG Founder


No words can express the joy these writings have given me.

-Patrizia, IG Member


As I read this book, it resonated in my soul so deeply I wept with relief throughout most of it. 

-Eric, IG Member




About Embracing the Gifted Quest


How do gifted adults describe their inner experience of giftedness? What would they tell a younger version of themselves about becoming a gifted grown up?

We explored these questions in the InterGifted community, via a writing month during which our members poured out their hearts and wisdom in essays, letters, poems and other writings. You'll be moved and inspired, and will find meaningful insight into your own giftedness and/or the gifted of your loved ones.

Includes 16 authors and 19 entries. 148 pages in PDF format. All proceeds go to support InterGifted's free services.

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*All proceeds go to support InterGifted's free and reduced-cost services.
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