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Our next offering of Silver Huang's appreciated online workshop is here: GiftedxAutistic! It will take place on February 22nd at 16.30-18.30 Central European Time.

This upcoming workshop will be focused on the “female autistic profile” (by using the term “female” we are specifically referring to individuals who are female assigned at birth (FAAB), regardless of gender or sexual identity are specifically referring to individuals who are biologically female, regardless of gender identity).


What is the "female autistic profile"?

Research has shown that there is a distinct difference in how autism traits are expressed and experienced between biological males and females. Unfortunately, a trend towards male bias in autism research over the past half a century created a persistent misconception that autism is less prevalent in females, with many web sites stating a male to female ratio of anywhere between 2:1 to 16:1.

However, recent research is discovering that it is not so much that females are less likely to be autistic, rather that females are more able to mask the expression of certain autistic traits, yet still experiencing the same disabling impacts as males. This is further complicated by giftedness and the unique constellation of traits that giftedness presents.


Hence this workshop is dedicated to helping gifted female adults who:

• Have wondered if or suspect that they are possibly autistic; or
• Have an autism diagnosis;


And would like to find out more about:

• How being a giftedxautistic female looks and feels like; and
• How to create a happy and healthy life as a giftedxautistic female.


The workshop will be covering the following topics towards this end:

• A brief overview of autism as defined by the DSM-5.
• Key differences between male and female autism expression and experience.
• Identity challenges and authenticity strategies.
• Socio-relational challenges and strategies.
• Self-regulation challenges and self-care strategies.
• Diagnosis and therapy considerations.


Logistical information:

• When: Thursday, February 22nd, 16.30-18.30 Central European Time
• Duration/Location: 2 hours, 
• Cost: CHF 50.00 made payable to InterGifted
• Participant limit: 9

How to join:

• Make payment to InterGifted here and email Silver so that receipt of your payment can be confirmed.


Email us to join!

About Silver Huang

Silver is a mentor who works with gifted adults to support them on their journey toward authenticity. She is also the founder of Intrepid Integrity, a partner project of InterGifted, which is aimed at helping gifted adults express themselves authentically through creative means in community. Feel free to reach out!



 Currently in Progress!



This online course, starting on February 7th with Jennifer Harvey Sallin is for psychologists, therapists, counselors or social workers who want to learn how to better serve their gifted clients. We will go into detail about the following topics (there is a lot of reading and homework provided, and live sessions are aimed at discussing and integrating the material together as a group while addressing your additional questions):

  • How to recognize and evaluate giftedness, giftedness levels, and unique giftedness profiles
  • How to bring up and address giftedness with a client
  • How to overcome resistance to the idea
  • Resources for client self-discovery inside and outside of therapy
  • Social troubles
  • Lack of peers
  • Lack of recognition
  • Romantic relational troubles
  • Trauma / Complex Trauma
  • Twice-exceptionality, Misdiagnoses + most common gifted/psychopathology overlaps
  • How to best guide and support + resources
  • How to fully engage with gifted clients 
  • How to handle the overexcitabilities and intensity in sessions
  • How to handle differences in giftedness levels between psychologist and client
  • How to have good boundaries and when to use self-disclosure with gifted clients
  • How to work with client when the psychologist is triggered by his/her own gifted issues 
  • When to see breakdown as positive disintegration, and when to see it as "clinical"; how to best help in both cases
  • How therapy, coaching and mentoring can all help a gifted client, and when each is appropriate
  • Common therapeutic trajectories for clients and how to help them transition from therapy to other forms of support
  • Client drop out and how to maintain engagement 
  • Common gifted career dilemmas and how to approach them
  • Helpful resources for gifted career exploration 
  • Giftedness and creativity 
  • Giftedness and spirituality/religion
  • Tools of positive psychology for gifted self-development
  • Children, teens & adults
  • Elderly
  • Prison populations
  • Twice-exceptional Clients

Our course starts on February 7th from 4-6pm Central European Time; the cost of each session (of which there are 6 in total) is 150 Swiss Francs. We meet on


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COURSE FOR COACHES - Already in session

If you are you a coach (or planning to become one), and you'd like to be well-equipped to serve gifted clients, Jennifer Harvey Sallin is offering an online course you may benefit from. We will go into detail about the following topics, all gifted specific (there is a lot of reading and homework provided, and live sessions are aimed at discussing and integrating the material together as a group while addressing your additional questions):

  • Coaching, Mentoring + Therapy for Gifted Individuals
  • The Gifted Brain + Identification + Twice Exceptionality
  • Psychopathology
  • Personality Development Models
  • Trauma + Trauma Healing
  • Family Dynamics + Relationships
  • Common Therapeutic Models
  • Therapeutic Dynamics
  • Personal + Spiritual Development
  • Career Psychology
  • Positive Psychology + Promoting Mental Health

There are 12 monthly sessions, and cost is around 125 Swiss Francs, depending on group size. This course is already in session, but to get on the waiting list for the next session, please email us! 


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About Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Jennifer is the founder of InterGifted and is a mentor and coach for gifted people. She specializes in mentoring and coaching highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted adults. She also provides training and mentoring for gifted coaches and writes extensively on giftedness and self-development. You can find her articles here on IG’s blog and on her own blog at Rediscovering Yourself. She is happy to consult with you or connect you to our coaches in InterGifted’s Coaching Network. Feel free to reach out!



Dr. Kelly Pryde is now scheduling her second offering of this wonderful 4-session course! This course gives you gifted-specific support to help you build the foundation for developing a personal practice of mindfulness, as well as provide you the tools to better handle your overexcitabilities, non-stop mind, and difficult emotions such as shame, anger, and anxiety. It will help you cultivate a new relationship with yourself based on kindness and compassion rather than judgment and criticism. Think of it as “Gifted Self-Care 2.0”!


Here is what the course looks like:

  • 4 weeks (four 90-min sessions) online
  • topic discussions, experiential exercises, the neuropsychology of mindfulness (i.e., how mindfulness re-wires the brain), and a variety of mindfulness practices
  • home-based practices, along with personalized coaching + support between sessions
  • previous mindfulness meditation experience is NOT required
  • The course costs 200 Swiss Francs total 


Starting date is Friday, January 26th, from 6:30pm to 8pm Central European Time; the following three course sessions take place at the same time on the three consecutive Fridays. Sessions take place via


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About Kelly Pryde, Ph.D.

Kelly is a psychologist, parenting coach, and author who coaches creative, intense, and divergent thinkers and their families. She lives in Canada and coaches parents and kids all over the world who want their neurodiverse families to thrive together. She has devoted many years to developing a mindfulness practice, and is excited to help gifted people find creative ways to apply and practice mindfulness meaningfully in their lives. Learn more about Kelly's journey in her article on Gifted Parenting or feel free to get in touch with her



Other IG Workshops


time management

Gifted Time & Self-Management 

with Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Learn to meta-plan, follow your authentic biological and psychological rhythms and flow, and communicate your needs and preferences with others related to time management and self care, all from the gifted perspective (i.e. overexcitability, high idealism, perfectionism, procrastination, etc.). A 2-session course (takes place over 2 months). 150 Swiss Francs per session.

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Writers Workshop

Writers Workshop 

with Jennifer Harvey Sallin

For gifted writers who have a current or upcoming writing project (blog, book, film, or any other medium, whether professional or hobby). Join me in learning to vision, identify and connect with the 'what' and 'to whom' of your writing. Learn about your personality and how that affects your process as a writer. Get regular feedback on your writing, and insight into making your writing project and personal journey a positive success for both you and your audience. Five 1.5-hour sessions over five months. 125 Swiss Francs per session.

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