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Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs 

with Jennifer Harvey Sallin, Founder of InterGifted, Coach & Mentor for Highly, Exceptionally & Profoundly Gifted Adults


Gifted people are often told that their standards are too high and unrealistic by others who don't understand that gifted people have uncommon needs. This leads them to deny or judge their own needs and try to live without getting them met. This two-hour online workshop is all about helping you identify your needs as a gifted person, and specifically:


  • how your gifted-specific needs have been minimized or unmet by others (and maybe sometimes yourself!)
  • how you can get a better understanding of these uncommon needs
  • how you can get these uncommon needs met in a non-gifted dominant world
  • how you can better communicate your gifted needs so that others can respond in positive ways


There's also an emphasis on interaction and learning through each other's experiences. Our previous sessions have held rich, thoughtful and insightful discussions and have sparked major insights and life changes for many of our participants. We meet on with video and audio.

New online sessions on: 

December 5th, 4-6pm Central European Time
December 11th, 4-6pm Central European Time


Cost: 75 Swiss Francs (about 75 USD)


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About Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Jennifer is the founder of InterGifted and is a mentor and coach for gifted people. She specializes in mentoring and coaching highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted adults. She also provides training and mentoring for gifted coaches and writes extensively on giftedness and self-development. You can find her articles here on IG’s blog and on her own blog at Rediscovering Yourself. She is happy to consult with you or connect you to our coaches in InterGifted’s Coaching Network. Feel free to reach out!



Other IG Workshops




From Mind-Full to Mindful: Mindfulness for the Gifted

with Dr. Kelly Pryde, Coach for the Gifted



As a gifted person, developing an ongoing practice of mindfulness can be a real challenge: your mind is often very busy with many simultaneous ideas, strong emotions and questions to answer. This course will give you gifted-specific support to help you build the foundation for developing a personal practice of mindfulness, as well as to provide you the tools to better handle your overexcitabilities, non-stop mind, and difficult emotions such as shame, anger, and anxiety. It will help you cultivate a new relationship with yourself based on kindness and compassion rather than judgment and criticism. Think of it as “Gifted Self-Care 2.0”!


After studying and practicing mindfulness for many years and experiencing profound changes in her life as a gifted person - at all levels of being - InterGifted coach Kelly Pryde, PhD is offering a 4-part course for gifted people who want to learn mindfulness from a gifted perspective.


Here is what the course looks like:

- 4 weeks (four 90-min sessions) online

- topic discussions, experiential exercises, the neuropsychology of mindfulness (i.e., how mindfulness re-wires the brain), and a variety of mindfulness practices

- home-based practices, along with personalized coaching + support between sessions



- previous mindfulness meditation experience is NOT required

- the course will start on Saturday, October 28th from 5.00 to 6.30pm Eastern Standard Time and will run at the same time for the following three Saturdays

-the course will take place via

- total cost for all 4 sessions is $200 USD (4 session commitment is required)


Email us to get on the waiting list for the next offering of this course!

**The practices in this course are very helpful for gifted parents of gifted families in terms of managing emotional intensities and sensitivities, so if there is enough interest, Kelly can offer a separate course tailored to parents. If interested in such a course, let us know!**

About Kelly Pryde, Ph.D.

Kelly is a psychologist, parenting coach, and author who coaches creative, intense, and divergent thinkers and their families. She lives in Canada and coaches parents and kids all over the world who want their neurodiverse families to thrive together. She has devoted many years to developing a mindfulness practice, and is excited to help gifted people find creative ways to apply and practice mindfulness meaningfully in their lives. Learn more about Kelly's journey in her article on Gifted Parenting or feel free to get in touch with her




GiftedxAutistic: What's It Like?

with Silver Huang, Founder of Intrepid Integrity, and a profoundly gifted and autistic adult



This is a casual and intimate online 2-hour workshop on being simultaneously gifted and autistic. Several years ago, Silver was identified as profoundly gifted and diagnosed as autistic, and has been studying twice-exceptionality ever since. Silver's gift of poetic and exact articulation about her experiences and the nuances of twice-exceptionality, giftedness, profound giftedness, autism, mental health issues, and creativity are stunning and inspiring. In this workshop, Silver will be sharing her personal experience of being profoundly gifted and severely autistic and answering your questions about what it's like to be this version of twice-exceptional. Specifically, she will be sharing and discussing:


• A brief timeline of her life before and after autism diagnosis and gifted identification.
• A brief introduction into autism, giftedness and how the different traits appear to blend in her experience, for example high sensitivity (HSP) and sensory sensitivity (SPD).
• How autism impacts her physical health and ability to self-care on a daily basis.
• How giftedness and autism impact social communication and interaction with others.
• A brief discussion into diagnosis: Yay or nay? Costs and benefits either way.


Her perspectives are based entirely on personal experience and cannot be construed as professional medical or psychological opinion or advice. However, attendees will benefit from the open discussion and tips and resources she will have to give. If you're gifted and autistic, or suspect you or your children might be - or if you're just curious - this could be a great introduction into the topic. Each session will be limited to 6 participants.


Dates & Cost

Dates to be chosen based on the availability of participants; cost is 35 Swiss Francs (about 37 USD)


Email us to register!




Other Ongoing Workshops


time management

Gifted Time & Self-Management 

with Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Learn to meta-plan, follow your authentic biological and psychological rhythms and flow, and communicate your needs and preferences with others related to time management and self care, all from the gifted perspective (i.e. overexcitability, high idealism, perfectionism, procrastination, etc.). A 2-session course (takes place over 2 months). 150 Swiss Francs per session.

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Writers Workshop

Writers Workshop 

with Jennifer Harvey Sallin

For gifted writers who have a current or upcoming writing project (blog, book, film, or any other medium, whether professional or hobby). Join me in learning to vision, identify and connect with the 'what' and 'to whom' of your writing. Learn about your personality and how that affects your process as a writer. Get regular feedback on your writing, and insight into making your writing project and personal journey a positive success for both you and your audience. Five 1.5-hour sessions over five months. 125 Swiss Francs per session.

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