An Exploratory Journey Through the Overexcitabilities – Starting October in our HEPG Peer Group!

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  Starting October and for the next six months, InterGifted’s HEPG Peer Group will be embarking on an in-depth group exploration of the Overexcitabilities of highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted people (in the context of Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration). We’ll be guided by member Karin Eglinton on our (self)-discovery journey, who will be providing weekly discussion prompts to explore the various facets of each of the Overexcitabilities and how they affect us, our … Read More

From Mind-Full to Mindful: Mindfulness for the Gifted – New Workshop with Dr. Kelly Pryde

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      From Mind-Full to Mindful: Mindfulness for the Gifted with Dr. Kelly Pryde, Coach for the Gifted   As a gifted person, you know that developing an ongoing practice of mindfulness can be a real challenge: your mind is often very busy with many simultaneous ideas, strong emotions and questions to answer. This course will give you gifted-specific support to help you build the foundation for developing a … Read More

Creatives Group Journey, led by Cheryl Graham

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Come join InterGifted’s Creatives Peer Group for our newest creatives journey together! We’ve just finished a half-year program guided by Jenna Brown, and we’re re-opening our group to new members. Cheryl Graham will be taking over temporary leadership of our group, with a beautiful vision to lead us:   “To create is to live, to be; it is one of the deepest human needs and experiences. We need spaces to … Read More

GiftedxAutistic: What’s It Like? – A Workshop with Silver Huang

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    Welcome to our new workshop:   GiftedxAutistic: What’s It Like?   with Silver Huang, Founder of Intrepid Integrity, and a profoundly gifted and autistic adult This is a casual and intimate online 2-hour workshop on being simultaneously gifted and autistic. Several years ago, Silver was identified as profoundly gifted and diagnosed as autistic, and has been studying twice-exceptionality ever since. Silver’s gift of poetic and exact articulation about … Read More

New Workshop: Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs with Jennifer Harvey Sallin

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      Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs  with Jennifer Harvey Sallin, Founder of InterGifted, Coach & Mentor for Highly, Exceptionally & Profoundly Gifted Adults   Gifted people are often told that their standards are too high and unrealistic by others who don’t understand that gifted people have uncommon needs. This leads them to deny or judge their own needs and try to live without getting them met. In this two-hour group … Read More

New Workshop: Overcoming Gifted Parenting Perfectionism with Sandra Clifton

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      Overcoming Gifted Parenting Perfectionism with Sandra E. Clifton, M.Ed., Therapist and coach for Sensitive, Gifted & Twice Exceptional Students   April 22 + May 13, 2017, 18.00-19.15 Central European Summer Time on Skype   Gifted parents of gifted, twice-exceptional and/or highly sensitive kids often find themselves struggling with perfectionism in their role as parents. This two-session parenting circle will help you explore your own perfectionistic tendencies as a gifted parent, and will help … Read More

Creatives Group Journey – Reconnect with Your Creativity

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  Creativity is inherent to the gifted experience – and IG’s Creatives Group is all about cultivating that creativity in community, and finding that sweet spot where our giftedness and our creative expression intersect! Jenna Brown, Innovation Curator, is leading our Creatives Group for the next 6 months on a journey to help us reconnect with our ‘why’ and to come to see creative expressions as an act of self-care. … Read More

“The Village”: A new IG peer group for parents of gifted & 2e kids

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  They say it takes a village to raise a child. If you’re the parent of a gifted or twice-exceptional (2e) family, trying to navigate all the intensities, complexities, and unique needs that go along with that, chances are you need a super village! That’s why soon-to-be IG Coach Kelly Pryde is starting a peer group, designed to be your super village—a safe, supportive space for parents and professionals of gifted and 2e families … Read More

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