Coaching for Gifted Adults

Gifted coaching helps you learn about yourself as a gifted or twice-exceptional person. Your coach helps you understand your gifted mind so that you can build a good life, career, and relationships based on the full picture of who you are. A substantial part of the coaching process is dedicated to help you learn more about the particular cognition of the gifted, as well as to nurture, accept and love the unique way your brain, emotions and intensity work.

gifted coaching



evaluate your giftedness, combat misdiagnosis, and learn about how your unique mind works




identify your highest values and use your gifted intensities in your work, academics, and creativity



learn how to communicate well as a gifted person and deal with relational challenges



recover from trauma, and learn to use your giftedness as a source of strength and stability in your life


How does it help me understand my gifted mind?

Your gifted mind is a piece of the puzzle that makes you you. Without understanding it, it can take control over the rest of you through perfectionism, relational problems, sensitivities, and other common gifted "side-effects". Once you do the work to understand it, however, it can be a wonderful source of strength and creativity in your life.


If you are unsure whether you are gifted, we help you evaluate that.

We view giftedness as more than just IQ - it includes emotional, creative, interpersonal, and other forms of intelligence. While we don't do IQ testing, we do help you evaluate your giftedness from a holistic perspective.


Many of our clients have worked with non-gifted coaches and therapists in the past, and were disappointed.

This is normal, since a “cognitive mismatch” occurs with professionals who are not themselves gifted and are not aware of what gifted cognition is. That's why all our InterGifted's coaches are gifted - so that you do not have to repeat the experience of being misunderstood while seeking help. Our clients are relieved to finally find help and support that is adapted to them and their unique mind!


We work with gifted adults, gifted kids, and the twice-exceptional.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your age, and whatever comes along with your giftedness, we are here to help you learn to love your mind and to build yourself a good life! Learn more about GIFTED KIDS, PARENTS & FAMILIES COACHING.


How do the logistics work?

Most of our work is done on Skype, unless you happen to live in the same city as one of our coaches! We provide more logistical details, such as pricing and frequency of sessions on our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE.


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