Since 2015, we have cultivated a dynamic community of 800+ gifted adults around the world, where we explore questions and themes of giftedness integration, self-development and self-leadership together. Our members are conscientious, dedicated gifted adults who are actively learning about and applying their giftedness to their lives in creative and purposeful ways. In our community, you can meet other gifted adults who are invested in their personal and professional growth, and who are ready to connect with other equally dedicated and engaged gifted adults. We meet on Facebook in a moderated secret group (learn more about this here), and group members also connect outside of our Facebook group for one-to-one and group connections.  


Our community is administrated by our director Jennifer Harvey Sallin. We've designed our community to be a positive, creative, inspiring and edifying space, and we moderate group interactions accordingly. You can ask questions and expect to get lots of helpful insight and feedback from our community members. You can also expect to make friends and find potential collaborators and other resources that will enrich your life even beyond the bounds of our group. We have extended sub-groups, including a creatives' group, a parents' group, a business builders' group, and a group for highly to profoundly gifted people. These groups are open to our community members, once they've successfully integrated into our main community space. To learn more about how our community is structured and what our community culture is like, read our Frequently Asked Questions and see what our members say.


You'll know you are ready to join us if you feel excited to learn more about yourself and your gifted mind amongst gifted peers, and feel ready to apply that knowledge to your personal development and self-leadership process. Conversely, if you feel resistant to or scared about the idea of being gifted, or even feel angry about the concept for any reason, it is not the right time to take this step on your journey. Furthermore, if you are struggling with issues related to social safety, depression, or other overwhelming negative emotions, you may need to work toward feeling safe and in a constructive space before joining us. If that's the case, we recommend seeking a gifted-specific therapist to support you where you are right now.


If you're not sure you're gifted, we suggest you start by reading more about what it is. A good place to begin is our article What is Giftedness?, which also provides links for additional exploration. We also welcome you to schedule a qualitative assessment with us if you'd like to explore your potential giftedness and learn about your unique intelligence profile.


We charge a one-time entry fee of 125 Swiss Francs to cover our administration costs.


  • Send us your community entry fee of 125 Swiss Francs via our Paypal Link (or via your Paypal account directly to You'll receive a welcome email, invitation to our facebook group, and community guide, from our director Jennifer Harvey Sallin (typically within three business days).
  • If you have further questions or trouble making payment or receiving your group invitation, see our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't find the answer to your question/problem there, you can email us at