Coaching for Gifted Kids, Parents & Families

Coaching for gifted or twice-exceptional kids, parents, and families is all about helping you learn about yourself and/or your child as a gifted or 2e person, and creating helpful academic, relational, communication and parenting strategies that match, inspire and celebrate your neurodiverse family

gifted kids



learn about your own gifted mind as a parent, and/or the gifted or 2e mind of your children




giftedness can masquerade as ADHD and other troubles, we help you avoid misdiagnosis



identify what brings your children joy in their education and build on that together



get support in working through family difficulties and helping your children through trauma


How does coaching help me understand my or my kids' gifted mind?

Your gifted mind is a piece of the puzzle that makes you you, and the same is true for your gifted children. Without understanding what makes your minds unique, you can get lost in family misunderstandings, school troubles, behavioral problems, and other common gifted "side-effects". Once you do the work to understand your gifted mind(s), they can be a wonderful source of strength and creativity in your family life.


What is coaching for kids like? 

Our coaches use an approach that combines social and emotional development with "cognitive coaching." Just as top athletes refine their craft and are guided to a higher level through interactions with a coach, so are gifted and 2e students guided to a higher level of social, emotional and cognitive self-awareness and integration. Through use of games and higher level thinking activities, we can pull kids beyond their zones of proximal development, and ignite and excite their brains. Often our coaches work with both kids and their parents, to directly help the kids while training their parents to themselves be cognitive coaches.


What is coaching for parents & families like?

We work with one or both parents, separately and/or together with their kids - and most often we mix and match versions of these sessions over the course of the coaching, based on the parents’ or family’s needs at the moment. Coaching sessions provide education, strategies, emotional support, and practical guidance and resources to help you in creating a family culture that celebrates and works with giftedness and neurodiversity, so that you and your children can thrive together.


Many of our clients have worked with non-gifted coaches and therapists in the past, and were disappointed.

This is normal, since a “cognitive mismatch” occurs with professionals who are not themselves gifted and are not aware of what gifted cognition is. That's why all our InterGifted's coaches are gifted - so that you do not have to repeat the experience of being misunderstood while seeking help. Our clients are relieved to finally find help and support that is adapted to them and their unique mind!


If you are unsure whether you or your kids are gifted, we help you evaluate that.

We view giftedness as more than just IQ - it includes emotional, creative, interpersonal, and other forms of intelligence. While we don't do IQ testing, we do help you evaluate your giftedness from a holistic perspective.


How do the logistics work?

Most of our work is done on Skype, unless you happen to live in the same city as one of our coaches! We provide more logistical details, such as pricing and frequency of sessions on our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE.


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