Meet Rossi Dimitrova, one of our InterGifted Coaching Network coaches, IG’s Community Advisor and co-leader of IG’s Life Coaches Group

Interview by Amy Schief


11Hi Rossi, thanks for participating! Where are you from and where are you living now?

I am originally from Bulgaria but live in Chicago, IL.


How did you find your way to InterGifted? How have you gotten involved so far?

I connected with Jen online totally serendipitously and helped her start IG as an advisory board member. It has been an enriching journey.


What do you do?

I am a life coach, and I help creative people who want to live their lives on their own terms to develop their resilience, leadership skills, and to confidently go in the direction of their dreams.


What are you working on now? What do you most enjoy about it?

I absolutely love the opportunity to provide the emotional support and gentle feedback to unique and gifted people who are feeling stuck in their lives. The breakthroughs that I see happen for clients make my heart sing and I feel extremely grateful to be trusted in that way.


What would you like to learn next? And why?

I have been on a journey to develop more capacity for being present for almost 20 years. It is essentially a spiritual journey, a journey of coming back to my true self. At this moment I am deepening my practices of presence through qi gong, meditation, and dance. I am also designing my own curriculum for the next phase of this inner process. It has been very powerful.


What do you feel passionate about? What inspires you?

I feel passionate about living authentically and assisting others to do the same. I am also passionate about the power of artistic expression, dance, and cacao as ways of living with more joy.


What is your favorite or most inspirational place?

I love the Redwoods in Northern California, but I also love the magic pond close to my house here in Chicago. This spot nourishes me deeply while living in a big city. I spend my summers there.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given either personally, professionally or both?

The one that is resonating with me at this moment is “you have to feel it to heal it”.


How has giftedness shown up in your life? Have you always been aware of it?

I only recently became aware of my giftedness. When I did realize it, it was a big relief on some level. It put context around my learning patterns, emotionality, and ways of seeing the world.


How do you nurture your giftedness? How is it incorporated into you life? Your work?

I am lucky in that I had pursued an artistic endeavor (photography) but in choosing to express myself this way I was also affected by the reality of competition with other artists for what appear to be scarce opportunities, and that has been difficult. I actively practice self-compassion now as it relates to my passions and me sharing my work with the world. It is a continuous process.


What are your three favorite books?

I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach


What are you reading now?

Many, many books 🙂 I always have at least 10 books out from the library.


What superpower would you most like to have?

The ability to show others instantaneously what their capability is.


If you could ask a general question to the InterGifted community, what would you be interested in knowing?

What is your relationship to life itself and why?


That’s a great question, I’d be interested in hearing all the unique responses coming from this group!


Thanks so much for sharing your time with us Rossi!

You can learn more about Rossi and her coaching work on her website: . To schedule an intro call with her, email us at


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