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InterGifted has hand-picked dynamic, gifted coaches from around the world to provide you with the best support for understanding your gifted mind and living well with it. We specialize in coaching and mentoring gifted and twice-exceptional adults, kids, teens and families. Schedule a free intro call to let us know how we can help you. If you contact any of our coaches directly via their websites, please let them know InterGifted sent you!

Coaching for Giftedness Discovery


Jennifer Harvey Sallin
Jennifer Harvey Sallin, MA

Mentoring Highly, Exceptionally & Profoundly Gifted Adults ⋅  Mentoring & Training Gifted Coaches

English, French, Italian ⋅ Website & Blog

Willem Kuipers
Willem Kuipers, Ir

Guiding Gifted Adults to Learn About and Feel At Home in Their Gifted Mind, Body & Spirit

English, Dutch ⋅ Website & Blog

Coaching for Healing & Growth

Eric Windhorst
Eric Windhorst, MA

Mental Health, Personal Growth, and Life Transitions for the Gifted and Highly Sensitive

English ⋅ Website & Blog

Maggie Brown
Maggie Brown

Supporting Gifted Adults, Young People and Their Families to (Re)Discover True Self, and Create a Life that Works 

English ⋅ Website

Georges Nédellec
Georges Nédellec, MS, CH

Guiding the Gifted to Inner Exploration through Hypnosis & Coaching

English, French ⋅ Website 

Ronnie Grandell
Ronnie Grandell, MA

Moving Gifted People out of Shame, Self-Criticism, Trauma & Anxiety 

English, Finnish, Swedish ⋅ Website

Amy Schief
Amy Schief, MSW

Helping Gifted Adults Heal from Trauma, Grief or Loss

English, German ⋅ Website 

Coaching for Personal & Professional Development


Sandra Pfluger
Sandra Pfluger, MPP

Coaching Academics, Researchers & Young Professionals for Personal and Professional Fulfillment

English, German ⋅ Website & Blog

Trent Rhodes
Trent Rhodes, MSc

Empowering the Highly Gifted to Use Their Intelligence at Work & Create Their Personal Myth 

English ⋅ Website & Blog 

Ania Sumara
Ania Sumara, MSc 

Helping Entrepreneurs Become Authentic Leaders & Understand What Kind of Impact They Want to Make in the World

English, Polish, German · website


Coaching for Kids, Teens, Couples & Families


Kelly Pryde
Kelly Pryde, PhD

Coaching Creative, Intense, Divergent Thinkers and Their Families

English ⋅ Website

Paula Wilkes
Paula Wilkes, PhD

Coaching & Guiding Gifted Children and Spiritually Sensitive Teens & Adults

English ⋅ Website

Michelle Quarton
Michelle Quarton, LMSW

Coaching Families, Couples and Children to Live and Relate Intentionally

English ⋅ Website

Sandra Clifton
Sandra E. Clifton, MEd, PCC, CEP, BCET

Coaching Gifted, Sensitive, and 2e Students & Their Parents to (Re)Discover Joy in the Journey of Learning 

English ⋅ Website

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