From Mind-Full to Mindful: Mindfulness for the Gifted – New Workshop with Dr. Kelly Pryde

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From Mind-Full to Mindful:

Mindfulness for the Gifted

with Dr. Kelly Pryde, Coach for the Gifted


As a gifted person, you know that developing an ongoing practice of mindfulness can be a real challenge: your mind is often very busy with many simultaneous ideas, strong emotions and questions to answer. This course will give you gifted-specific support to help you build the foundation for developing a personal practice of mindfulness, as well as to provide you the tools to better handle your overexcitabilities, non-stop mind, and difficult emotions such as shame, anger, and anxiety. It will help you cultivate a new relationship with yourself based on kindness and compassion rather than judgment and criticism. Think of it as “Gifted Self-Care 2.0”!


After studying and practicing mindfulness for many years and experiencing profound changes in her life as a gifted person - at all levels of being - InterGifted coach Kelly Pryde, PhD is offering a 4-part course for gifted people who want to learn mindfulness from a gifted perspective.


Here is what the course looks like:

- 4 weeks (four 90-min sessions) online
- topic discussions, experiential exercises, the neuropsychology of mindfulness (i.e., how mindfulness re-wires the brain), and a variety of mindfulness practices
- home-based practices, along with personalized coaching + support between sessions



- previous mindfulness meditation experience is NOT required
- the course will be scheduled with the first 4+ participants that sign up (it will be scheduled according to your availability)
- total cost for all 4 sessions is $200 USD (4 session commitment is required)


Email us to register!


**The practices in this course are very helpful for gifted parents of gifted families in terms of managing emotional intensities and sensitivities, so if there is enough interest, Kelly can offer a separate course tailored to parents. If interested in such a course, let us know!**


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