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Like giftedness, the creative artistic disposition often presents itself as a challenge in a highly utilitarian and regimented society where art is often a luxury and people are supposed to fit neatly into molds. Well, some of us don’t, and aren’t interested in doing so.

Art is a challenging domain for anyone, but for gifted people it is especially demanding: we are often proficient in other more conventional domains, and given social pressures and expectations, end up prioritizing them. But the need to express and explore creatively often remains, frustrated. If this resonates with you, read on…


Since art is a tough road as it is, we thought we could band together to make it a bit easier: we can commiserate, network, and exchange ideas, projects, and tips. You never know where it might lead. The idea is to meet each other, learn about one another’s work and interests, and then present the artists and their work to the wider audience of InterGifted and the world. Initially, the plan is to do that online, given the wide geographic spread of the group’s members. But the (not-so)-secret hope is to eventually have a physical exhibit, or more…

Who can participate?

Open to all gifted creatives, whatever your form of creativity. Hobby, professional, or in-the-moment-expression creativity counts! If you want to explore creativity as a form of self-care, discover where your giftedness and creative expression intersect, and be supported in your creativity in a group of gifted folks, join us!

Who am I?

I’m Jenna Brown, Innovation Curator. For most of 2017, I am going to be leading our Creatives Group on a journey of self-discovery and reconnection with your creative ‘why’. I am a multivalent who uses creativity to actively engage my mind and body in the world and in relationships, and to heal, express, discover and connect. You can learn more about my work and read my blog here.

Join Us!

This group is currently full. Please check back with us toward the end of 2017 to join! Send an email to

Check out some of our creatives’ profiles & interviews:


Ashraf’s Olfactory Art

Caitlin’s Nature Art 

Trent’s Literary Art 

Miriam’s Philosophy & Writing


  • How to Participate? This group is currently full. Please check back with us in late 2017 to join. Send us an email to
  • Organization? We have a closed group on Facebook, and create interesting ways to connect virtually, and when possible, in person.
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