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IG Business Builders Group

Beginning a business can be intimidating and overwhelming.  It can also be lonely.

And for a gifted person it brings its own challenge of intensity along the inevitable emotional rollercoaster ride.

But it can also be enjoyable, challenging and immensely rewarding!

Our group brings together people who are thinking about building, currently building or have already built a business to provide some oft-needed support through group discussion, sharing of experiences and brainstorming. Our goal is to answer the questions relevant to our group members, through discussions, talks and small online-seminars.


This group will allow us to

 – Learn and grow from each others’ unique skills and experience

 – Give and receive advice to and from other members

 – Think bigger

 – Celebrate our triumphs!

 – Network and possibly collaborate

 – Have fun and do something meaningful with our businesses

As a side effect we will benefit from feedback and support, shared accountability and increased confidence in ourselves as business owners!


This group is for anyone serious about enjoying starting or running their own business.

The tone will be informal and the focus and direction will be determined by the group members themselves. This is why it is very important for us that each member reflects about what he/she wants to learn from the group, but also what one can give to the group.

Who Am I?

I am Chris and I am in the process of becoming a coach with a special focus on career development for professionals, academics and students. I’ve been coaching university students for the last five years and am looking forward to broaden my coaching focus with IG from September 2016 onwards.
What I love about our group is that it allows many different people from many different areas of expertise to meet and discuss the highs and lows of starting one’s own business. Its great to learn about all different sorts of projects, the motivations behind it, but also the struggles one faces and how we can deal with them. What I can offer to the group is quite some strategic communication and public relations insights due to my background in corporate communications. What I’d love to learn from the group continuously changes in the process of discussion. But overall, I really need to learn what you guys struggle with, so we can see how to address these issues in our group calls. I am very much looking forward to connecting with you!
PS: Initially, our member Seán founded and led this group. I only took over the leadership role in July 2016. Therefore, a big “thank you“ goes to you Seán, for your initiative and engagement in creating a forum for all IG business builders to connect!

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  • How to Participate? We'd love to have you! Send an email to
  • Organization? Monthly meetings on Skype, inter-group exchange between meetings

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