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Artinect: Connecting art

Founded by IG’s Artists’ Curator Ashraf Osman

Connecting art and people: providing art professionals with multimedia communication solutions (website design, development, administration; social media management; copy writing, text editing and proof-reading; etc.), and providing cultural producers with curatorial services (organizing art events, exhibitions, installations, symposia, etc.).

Gilles Monney Photography
Founded by Gilles Monney
Gilles explores the Alps with his camera and tries to capture the beauty of the scenery he sees up there. His main topic is the Alps at night, when the its veil of darkness, stars and silence cover the mountains. To counterbalance this solitude, he sometimes takes pictures of people as well.






Rediscovering Yourself: Guidance & coaching for the unique, gifted & curious

Founded by IG Founder Jennifer Harvey Sallin & her mentor Michelle Quarton; with coaches Sandra Pfluger & Ronnie Grandell – all coaches in the IG Coaching Network

Coaching for gifted people around the world, in the following areas: life, career, entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity, and performance; articles on giftedness & self-actualization (languagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Finnish & Swedish)

omniwonder: coaching for the intense, complex & driven

Founded by Rikky D. T. Maas – IG Leadership & Network Coach

Essays on giftedness, self-development, and spirituality; coaching the gifted for self-development (languagesEnglish and Dutch)

Nikki Petersen: Innovative, handcrafted business solutions for intense entrepreneurs

Founded by Nikki Petersen – IG Leadership & Network Coach

Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming when you’ve had some success but aren’t able to propel your business in quite the way you’d imagined. It’s time to turn your quirks into confidence, by allowing yourself to see how powerful you really are. Your gifts should be your secret weapon in being at the front of your clients’ minds. I’ll teach you how to tweak those challenges until they’re working FOR you instead of against you.

Women’s Life Lab: Breakthroughs for empowered women

Founded by Rossi Dimitrova – IG Advisor & Network Coach

Coaching and guidance for gifted and empowered people; coaching for transformation and breakthroughs

Ximension: Get going with extra intelligence and intensity

Founded by Willem Kuipers – IG Network Coach

Coaching and counseling for gifted and extra intelligent people. Extensive information on the theories and practicalities of having uncommon intelligence and intensity. Information on labyrinths and my use of them (languages: English and Dutch)

Clifton Corner: Educational therapy & family support for sensitive students, twice-exceptional kids & their HSP parents

Founded by Sandra E. Clifton – IG Network Coach

Coaching for the academic journey of 2nd-12th graders based on the tenets of positive psychology, neuroscience, and Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration. Students and their parents are guided to better navigate and embrace their idiosyncrasies, intensities, and anxiety through a strengths-based approach to both learning and life.

Your Rainforest Mind: Support for the Excessively Curious, Creative, Smart and Sensitive

Founded by Paula Prober – IG Member

Consultations with gifted adults and parents of gifted children. Mentoring coaches of gifted adults. Topics include: Understanding giftedness, finding deep self-acceptance and living your purpose. Book: Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth.

Gifted Daughters: Coaching for Mothers of Gifted Daughters
Founded by Lea Stublarec – IG Network Coach
Mothering a child involves a complex, lifelong relationship.  And when giftedness (often of both the mother as well as the gifted daughter) is added to the mix, along with the challenges females face in our culture, this complexity is greatly increased.  The goal of my coaching practice is to collaborate with mothers to enhance their life-long connection with their gifted daughters and to enable both the mom and daughter to thrive.
Quest2Quest: Cultivate authenticity, reap achievement
Founded by Georges Nédellec – IG Coaching Network Coach

Coaching and Hypnosis for youths and adults involved in Sports, Arts, Sciences, Health, Education, and Social Entrepreneurship (languages: English and French)




Founded by Seán O’Connell

I help small business owners focus more on their business by removing the technical fears that come with owning a WordPress website. WPStrands handles all your WordPress backups, updates and monitoring. This is WordPress maintenance for the ordinary user.




LeStrange Editing & Coaching

Founded by Lisebeth Svetz

Copy-editing and proof-reading for all types of writing; speech writing and speech checking; coaching for presentations (languages: American and British English)



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