Welcoming in the New Year

How do you welcome in the New Year? With resolutions or rituals?
Some of our IG coaches share their thoughts about what they usually do to help themselves transition into the New Year...





"To welcome in the New Year, I like to remind myself that this is a day like any other - with the potential for anything. By December 31st the social pressure to mingle over the holiday season has usually outstripped my supply of gregariousness. So at midnight my company is usually the moon - feminine energy that softens my 'will' and allows me to wonder. What's in store for my loved ones? This planet? My life? I practice Tonglen - and head to bed with the energy of compassion. May the 365 rotations of 2017 bring peace."





"To welcome in the New Year I perform rituals to welcome myself to a bodily awareness that the New Year has actually begun. I change calendars, open new files and that kind of admin work. And I feel into this new Year number: some numbers look more inviting or intriguing than others. When I look now at 2017, it seems more open and undetermined to me than 2016, that felt more well rounded and definitive. I have little plans for the New Year, but I do have awareness of some waypoints and some intentions to work on. And all the other things come up when it actually happens."





"I am not someone who sees the new year as a time to reflect or make resolutions. As I pondered this idea, I remembered back to my father’s words (at age 98) just prior to his death. When asked how he was doing, he would say that any morning he awoke was a good morning. That poignant memory resonated so brilliantly for me today, because it reminded me that in any moment I have the opportunity to be awake -- truly aware.

Sometimes I find myself 'asleep at the wheel' of my life, going through the motions. But far more often I am awake to the discomfort and/or beauty of the present moment. By being awake, I can watch the emerging shoots that push through the soil from a house plant, and I can thank them for showing me the power and grace of life. I can hear the words of the young, gifted clients who see me as an ally who is in the NOW with them and not distracted by technology or my egoic mind. I can feel the hug of a grandchild who asks me if I knew she missed me while she was at pre-school.

Each moment is too precious to let go of while hoping an old year will end so a new, better one will begin. Each new breath, each new interaction, each new thought, each new sensation is an invitation to begin again. If I am willing to show up to all that is here for me now, all that is here for me to experience and learn from, I will not cling to the past, nor will I yearn for the future."




"There’s a mental training that I do with myself every year, to guarantee I take time to see the positive, since I’m so prone to see all I haven’t yet done! I like to spend December thinking back over the previous year, paying specific attention to what I’m proud of from the previous year - mostly, ways I’ve changed for the better, shown courage in the face of difficulty, or dared to follow my (sometimes crazy) dreams. Then, I think about next December, and imagine what I’ll want to feel proud of when I’m doing the same mental exercise a year out from now. This helps me sort through all my (many) hopes and dreams for the coming year, so that I can set my priorities straight and be excited about living up to my own (realistic) expectations."



Sandra P.

"Between Christmas and New Year, I take time to retreat to a secluded place (with a preference for location near the sea shore) for a day or a few and turn inward. The surroundings support this act of connecting with myself and the world physically. I look back on the year that is drawing to a close and recall conversations and encounters that were particularly meaningful to me as a person and as a coach. I play back activities that turned out to be formative and collect my life’s teachings of the year. It is a practice of gratitude and accomplishment both on the mental and emotional levels. And from there, I move to creating my vision of the new year, in the sense of setting intentions. Some more concretely (e.g. what projects or themes to focus on), others more abstractly. I like mind maps or other forms of visualization for this. In conclusion, I select a word or phrase as a guide to focus my awareness throughout the coming year."



How about you? How will you welcome in the New Year? What are your visions for your 2017? Share with us in the comments below.
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