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Our organization & community emerged from the need for social spaces and professional guidance designed specifically for and by gifted adults. Since 2015, we have been building international community, as well as online assessment, coaching, educational and professional training opportunities, created for dedicated, conscientious gifted adults and professionals who support them. We are based in Switzerland, with coaches, assessors, clients and community members throughout the world.

What is giftedness?


Typically, the word "gifted" is shorthand for "intellectual giftedness", but there are various ways any person - gifted or not - expresses their mental faculties. In truth, “giftedness” is a kind of mind construction pattern (neurologically, cognitively and phenomenologically speaking) which results in a complexity and intensity of thought, and often emotion, that is uncommon. In our work at InterGifted, we use a holistic model of intelligence, developed with advanced gifted adult development in mind, which encompasses intellectual, emotional, creative, sensual, physical, and existential giftedness.

About our services

Giftedness Assessments

Discover your unique cognitive profile & opportunities for growth


Integration & Coaching

Get gifted-knowledgeable guidance & mentoring from our coaches

Gifted Community

Join our online gifted community with 900+ peers around the world

Courses, Groups & Workshops

Facilitated self-development & growth together with your gifted peers

Gifted Psychology Training

Professional training for gifted coaches & therapists working with gifted clients

Raising Gifted Awareness

Providing education & inspiration via our books, blog & podcast

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