Supporting you in your personal & social development as a gifted person.

Finding out you are gifted is something that happens at one point in time; understanding exactly what that means for you, meeting other people like you, and finding belonging, adequate support, and encouraging social mirroring as a gifted person is a journey of a lifetime. InterGifted started as a social experiment in 2015, inviting gifted adults to gather all around the world in community and via gifted-specific coaching, mentoring, and workshops. Those of us who created InterGifted and who still work hard to support it every day are all gifted, and we know the struggle, the joys, the challenges and opportunities of being a gifted / twice-exceptional neurominority in a neuromajority world. We also know how hard it can be to find gifted-specific literature, resources and guidance about personal growth and meeting social needs. The neuromajority resources can only take us so far, and then we need direction and insight from someone who gets how our unique gifted / twice-exceptional mind works. Learn more about what led Jennifer Harvey Sallin to start InterGifted, and about our organization, in her article Growing a Gifted Community.

Your unique cognitive profile.

Getting an IQ score helps you with a number, but it doesn’t tell you how you process thoughts, organize your reality, handle your emotions, or best relate to people. We’ve developed qualitative assessments which help you answer the question not only of whether you’re gifted, but if so, how your own unique cognitive profile feels and works best for you. It’s all personalized to help you better understand yourself and take joyful action that nourishes your particular mind construction, with customized recommendations for ongoing support and personal growth. Learn more at our giftedness assessments page.

Personal & professional development.

When gifted people are ready to learn about themselves and invest their time, energy and money into their personal and professional development, they often struggle to find resources and professional support matched to their gifted / twice-exceptional mind and needs. This is why Jennifer Harvey Sallin has built a collaborative network of coaches who are themselves gifted / twice-exceptional and who are trained specifically to support gifted adults in their personal, professional and social development, and kids in their personal, social and academic development. Learn more about our coaching network and services at our gifted coaching page.

Courses / Self-Development Groups / Professional Training.

Courses, self-development groups and professional training opportunities are usually geared toward the neuromajority crowd, which is made up of more linear learners and thinkers. Our coaches and leaders offer online courses, groups and professional training matched to a gifted style, speed and learning pattern – with the added benefit of getting connected with other gifted peers who are also committed to personal growth and thriving. Learn about our workshops, courses and trainings at our courses page.

Jennifer Harvey Sallin offers several training courses for therapists and coaches (and other helping professionals) who want to learn to better support their gifted clients. Learn more about her Gifted Psychology 101 courses and Giftedness Profiling Training.

Social development.

Belonging is a basic human need for everyone, gifted people included. It allows for the development, expansion and thriving of our social selves. Since finding gifted peers and friends can sometimes be a struggle, we’ve created our online supportive community and specialized peer groups. We connect around gifted self-development, social development and thriving in community. Learn more about our community and our peer groups.

Gifted healing & mental health support.

Engaging in self-exploration, and personal and social development all requires a basic level of psychological stability and a sense of emotional and social safety. For some gifted people who have gone through significant trauma or gifted-specific trauma in their lives, or who are struggling with mental illness, they need to focus on healing, getting the right gifted-specific mental health support, and feeling safe and stable in order to be ready to engage in gifted-specific personal, social and professional development. We have a gifted-specific therapy search service in which we give you customized recommendations for gifted-specific therapists, based on your particular profile and needs for support. Learn more on our gifted therapy search page.

Partner projects.

InterGifted has partnered with our coaches to start important projects for gifted self-development and social engagement. Our project I Heart Earth is led by Jennifer Harvey Sallin and Karin Eglinton, to support gifted and non-gifted peers in reconnecting to the earth and participating in its healing, during these challenging global times. Our project The Gifted Mindfulness Collective is a community of gifted / twice-exceptional peers committed to a gifted-specific mindfulness practice and connecting with gifted peers in mindful personal growth; the GMC, led by Kelly Pryde, also offers online mindfulness courses, practice spaces, retreats and mindfulness coaching for gifted people. Our project Intrepid Integrity, led by Silver Huang, is an authenticity incubator program & community for gifted adults.

Raising awareness about giftedness in adulthood.

Many people falsely believe that giftedness magically disappears after childhood, or that if giftedness does exist, it just makes everything easier for the people who are gifted. We know from our own very personal experience that giftedness does follow us to adulthood, and that it definitely doesn’t make everything easier. Our leadership, together with our community, are working hard to raise public awareness that giftedness in adulthood exists, and to make others aware of the specific needs of gifted people. We want to cultivate understanding, respect, support and resources for gifted adults. Learn more and help us spread the word via our blog articles, our videos, our community ebooks and our online presence.

Our team.

InterGifted was founded and is directed by Jennifer Harvey Sallin, a gifted-specific psychologist, coach and mentor. She’s supported by a team of gifted professionals who help her lead, manage, grow and support our global community, including Karin Eglinton, Merlin Gÿory, Aurélien Sallin, and our network of gifted coaches around the world. Learn more about us at our leadership page.

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