Adapting for Oncoming Change, workshop series with Marion Kee — Starting September 2023

Adapting for Oncoming Change - a workshop series for gifted adults exploring creative ways forward in a changing world

Facilitated by: Marion Kee

Format: 3 workshop sessions, 2 hours each on Zoom

Dates: September 17, October 1, October 15

Time: 10.30-12.30  Pacific Daylight Time

Flexible fee: 135 USD reduced fee / 150 USD full fee  

Group size: 10-12 (minimum 6)

About the Workshop Series

The aim of this workshop series is to share creative ideas and working approaches that gifted people might use to adapt in a time of rapid major changes. Gifted flexibility, creative thinking, hive mind, mutual connection, encouragement and mirroring as well as practical information, will guide us as we explore topics in the realm of adapting to likely major shifts in the future.

In session one, we’ll be exploring economic choices. In session two, we’ll look to personal and family needs during change (i.e. putting on your own oxygen mask first). In session three, we’ll explore activism and changemaking (i.e. then assisting others and contributing to collective adaptation once your own essential needs are met).

Each session will include 30-40 minutes of presentation with some advance reading prior to each course meeting. Participants are expected to read the material and be ready to discuss it in class meetings. The rest of the session time will be spent in facilitated participant discussion and exploration. Participants will share what they have learned already, and/or resources they have located or used to address challenges related to the topics of discussion.

As a participant, you can bring specific issues to the group for hive mind exploration, and in the following session those who have found resources to help address that issue could share them. We will use Zoom's new group chat feature to enable participants to continue discussing in between class meetings. Following the workshop series, participants can continue to meet and support each other by mutual consent and interest.

Participants are expected to attend all three sessions. To ensure a safe space for participants to learn, explore and connect, we do not plan to record the sessions. However, if a participant has an urgent situation and is unable to attend a session, we will consider recording with the consent of everyone present, and the recording will only be shared within the group.

Below you’ll find a list of themes, frameworks and curiosities that serve as inspirations for our explorations together. We won't have time to cover every topic in the list below, but we will likely cover a number of them in our sessions, and more can be explored in the ongoing Zoom group discussion thread, which can continue between and beyond workshop sessions. Participants will be encouraged to do their own research in their areas of interest and responsibly share their findings in the course. The first session will focus on ideas around economic alternatives, which is likely to become an ongoing topic throughout the workshop series.

Potential topics for exploration:
  • Economic choices and alternative economic frameworks to help support right livelihood; de-growth, proposed approaches for economic sharing, shifting views of "career," etc.
  • Internal communication for gifted people, identifying your own needs, recognizing and releasing beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving you
  • Identifying what can support you to thrive in your now as a gifted individual; thriving as a serious criterion for making choices
  • Cultivating relationships with like-minded people; supportive networking; cooperating for shared purposes; sharing skills and resources
  • Thinking ahead about relocating (for reasons of climate, economics, personal preference); what that's likely to entail; identifying priorities
  • Identifying emotional blocks to the full development and application of your gifted potential and ability to adapt to change; practicing resilience
  • Balancing your time and energy when activism and panic both beckon; gaining clarity about where you're called and what you're drawn to do
  • Learning new practical skills or expanding skills you already have, such as gardening, sewing, home and vehicle repairs, cooking from scratch, first aid
  • Examining alternatives for meeting ongoing needs in energy-intensive areas such as transportation, home heating/cooling, energy use for daily activities
  • Emergency preparation, planning ahead for potential evacuation (for adults, kids, pets), living without Internet or telecommunications
  • Reason for hope in the face of expected and unexpected changing conditions; cultivating flexibility of mind; focusing on what you want and what you can do to create it
  • Other topic(s) of interest converged upon during discussion among course participants

How to register

Registration for this event is now closed.

About our workshop facilitator 

Marion Kee is a profoundly gifted multipotentialite who has worked in a variety of fields throughout her professional life including research computer science and teaching philosophy in academia - always with writing and music having strong place in her life. As an InterGifted coach, mentor, and course facilitator, she supports gifted youth and adults who are building or navigating their own creative careers and unique life mosaic, and who are navigating their gifted life in a fast-changing world context. She is based in the US and works with clients all over the world. You can learn more about her here.


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