Finding and connecting meaningfully with gifted and twice- or multi-exceptional peers is not always easy, yet we all need appropriate mirroring and to find our tribe. InterGifted's Supportive Peer Community was created to for that very purpose. For the last four years, we have cultivated and curated a wonderfully supportive and dynamic community of nearly 700 gifted adults (and growing) around the world, and now we are doing the same to create a similar community for gifted adolescents. We meet on Facebook in a moderated secret group and there, you can discuss giftedness and personal and professional development in the safety of peers who get you. You can learn to enjoy your unique mind as you develop among others who share the same high intensity, complexity and drive to grow as you. If you'd like to learn more, read what our members say!


You'll know you are ready to join us if you feel excited to learn more about yourself and your gifted mind amongst gifted peers, find gifted friends, and have helpful, insightful conversations with gifted peers. Conversely, if you feel resistant to or scared about the idea of being gifted, or even feel angry about the concept for any reason, you may first benefit from working one-on-one with one of our gifted adolescent coaches or a gifted-specific adolescent therapist so that you can explore your giftedness while having professional help processing your negative feelings. Additionally, if you are struggling with not feeling socially safe, with depression or other overwhelming negative emotions, or you have had traumatic experiences using social media, we recommend that you work with a coach or therapist before joining us, and we can help you find a gifted-specific therapist or connect you with one of our coaches for gifted adolescents.


Because our admins, moderators and members work hard to keep the group a strong, encouraging, creative, inspiring and edifying place to be, you can feel safe discussing your gifted struggles, questions and joys in life, at school, and in your relationships with your friends and family. You can ask questions and expect to get interesting and insightful answers and feedback from your gifted peers. You can also expect to make friends and discover other resources that will benefit your life even beyond the bounds of our group. This group combines all levels of giftedness; if you are highly, exceptionally or profoundly gifted, we have a special peer group which you may want to join once you've reached the age of 18 (HEPG Group). Additionally, you are warmly welcome to come over to our adult community once you are eighteen. We also have a peer group for gifted creatives, which you are welcome to join at any time. To learn more about how our adolescent group operates, read our Frequently Asked Questions.


If you're not sure you're gifted, you may want to read up on it, such as our article What is Giftedness?. If you still don't feel sure, you are welcome to schedule an assessment session with us to help you evaluate your possible giftedness. We do not do IQ testing, and we do not require an IQ score for entry into our group(s). We rely on you to be aware of whether and to what degree the description fits - but of course, we're happy to help you evaluate that. If so, just send us an email via our assessments page and we'll be happy to meet you.



Our community connects via a secret Facebook group (secret Facebook groups remain hidden from public view, keep your participation visible only to fellow group members, and are “invite-only”). If you don't have a Facebook profile, you are welcome to create a "dummy" profile just for your participation in our group.


50 Swiss Francs, one-time fee. This fee covers a bit of our administration time and supports InterGifted’s mission.


Send us your entry fee of 50 Swiss Francs via our Paypal Link (be sure to include the email address connected with your Facebook profile, in the notes section of your Paypal payment - this especially if your parents or another adult is paying on your behalf), and you'll receive an invite from us within two days. If you have any questions or trouble making payment or receiving your invite, or if you are already a member and want more info, check out our FAQs or email us at connect@intergifted.com.