I cannot find words to express how enlightening and reassuring Jen’s assessment of me was for me. As a person diagnosed with autism, I have been so unsure which of my traits were caused by my autism and which might have been due to giftedness. Jen helped me clarify which is which, and showed me how I can better understand my twice-exceptional and sometimes very overwhelming mind. Since our session, I have seen the world and myself in a new light. It made me feel like anything is possible for me. Thank you Jen!

Brady - UK

I have dyslexia and always thought I was less smart than others. It always made me feel inferior. When I learned I was highly gifted in my assessment with Jen, it suddenly made sense that while I hadn’t done well at school, I still had a meta-mind. Jen helped me find resources for managing the dyslexia and I can already see a huge shift in my self-perception. I now know that I am smart, and not inferior (although not superior either), and as I learn tricks to better manage the dyslexia, I find I am so much better able to express myself. One of the best things that has happened as a result of the assessment is that I’m no longer ashamed to ask for help and special accommodations for my challenges. At the age of 52, this comes as a huge relief. I’ve had to deal with some grief following the assessment, becoming aware of how many years I had wasted feeling bad about myself and not understanding myself. But that has been healing too as I realise that I’ve been doing the best I can for myself all these years, and it can only get better from here.

Alexander - Canada

The assessment with Jen gave me courage and confidence to own what had always felt true inside, but what I was scared to believe. I feel like I have access to my mind now and that there are possibilities ahead, whereas before things felt so stuck – professionally, socially, and in my relationship with myself. I can’t believe how seen and heard I feel, like Jen somehow had access to my inner thoughts. That’s never happened to me before, and I can barely put the experience into words. This has been well worth the investment!

Katherine - UK

Karin’s intuition and pace throughout the assessment session was like a warm fluffy blanket. There was a nice balance between shared detailed information and moments for personal reflection. I felt like the session was tailor made for me and I felt safe and supported throughout. It’s an investment absolutely worth making if you want to know yourself at a deeper level. I feel like I took a major step in learning how to work with my unique expression instead of working against it. I now have a roadmap for areas of development and integration to explore in the near and distant future, including ways of visualizing my profile to work with it. Thank you Karin for this life changing and hugely validating experience.

Grace - UK

The whole of my assessment with Karin felt very validating for who I am. I felt very known. I have never experienced this before in this way. I feel validated in my strengths and in my pain. It’s a great push in accepting, developing and living my life according to my authentic self.


I worked with Jen in coaching for a while before daring to ask for a giftedness level assessment. I was really scared because I don’t want to feel like I’m “better” than anyone, but in coaching I was realizing that I was avoiding understanding myself by avoiding knowing about my gifted profile. So, we scheduled an assessment session, and it was life-changing. I realized that I am exceptionally gifted and highly empathic, and as a woman, sometimes those aspects of myself have worked in competition with each other. I want to be smart and move ahead at my speed, but I want to care for everyone and never make others suffer. Jen has helped me realize that I have a right and a real need to express my exceptionally gifted self, but that with self-awareness, I can also learn to do so in ways that does not hurt others. This is a huge revelation, and Jen and I are continuing to work on it in our coaching sessions. It’s hard to believe that, after 20 years of therapy, my life could change so much in just a half-year of knowing Jen! Thank you Jen.

Eve - Belgium

My assessment session with Luzi was a pleasure, a great relief and a wonderful experience. Wow, how quickly 2 hours can pass. Secretly, I kind of suspected I might be gifted, but I did not expect at all, that within 5 minutes of starting, one of my most agonizing questions would be answered. How could I be gifted, let alone highly gifted, although having failed profoundly at math at school? Deficit-oriented, driven by omnipresent and persistent clichés, keeping me from any kind of evaluation and potential development so far, I must have spent years with compensatory strategies. Now, I took a first insight into the structure of my mind, my thinking style and how it relates to high giftedness, it is time to stop and to start exploring and integrating my different areas of intelligence. Thank you Luzi for being my navigator on this journey. I look forward to it!

Katerina - Switzerland

I hesitated scheduling my assessment with Jen for a whole year. I knew I was gifted, and wondered if I might be highly gifted but was very afraid of finding out the answer. I already felt so alienated from the world around me; I didn’t want to add more fuel to the fire. But when I finally met with Jen, she put all my fears to rest. She helped me to understand that accurate self-knowledge will allow me to connect better to all varieties of people by “reading reality” more accurately, and being able to act in line with things how people really are – not just how I’ve been projecting them to be. I finally see how I can stop projecting my highly gifted mind (yes, Jen confirmed my “fears”) onto others who are not highly gifted, and how I can improve my relationships for the benefit of everyone. If you’re hesitating getting an assessment, I encourage you to go for it – it has made such a positive difference in my life!

Thierry - France

My assessment with Karin was life-changing to say the least. I feel so relieved having more insight into how I tick, and also understanding what my mind when authentically expressed should look like. I’ve had a lot of different life traumas which shaped my personality more than I realized, but with Karin’s amazing insight, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail, I now have a straightforward roadmap to get back to the real me. The experience in itself was extremely validating, uplifting and totally worth the investment.

Jennifer - US

My giftedness assessment with Jen clarified so much about myself that had confused me my whole life. First of all, I came to understand my lack of sense of satisfaction with so many things in life. And second, I came to understand how applying my giftedness to self-actualization rather than worldly accomplishments has made me confused about whether I am an underachiever or not really gifted at all. Our discussions helped me to finally see my lack of satisfaction and lack of focus on “worldly accomplishments” in a positive light, as a creative force for me. Now I know what to tell people who accuse me of being too exigent: that my drive for excellence is part of my own self-actualization journey, and it is a positive for me; and those who accuse me of not “accomplishing things”: that my focus is on self-mastery, not mastering external processes, and again, that is positive for me. Thank you so much Jen for the work you do in the world, and the positive impact you’re having on people like me who have struggled to find fitting support for their entire lives!

Karin - Canada

The assessment with Jen was wonderful! After having worked with her for a while before, it opened up new depth to understand myself, my gifted profile, and how work with it in all areas of my life. The insight will keep me fed for a long time, and felt incredibly liberating and warm. It touched on a layer I was only partially aware of before and felt like a great gift that I still am excited to play with and that inspires my curiosity and creativity. Like being shown the lego instructions for my mind, and then told they make sound and colours too. There were definitely challenging aspects to face as well, and I could not have wished for a better person to face them with, both during the assessment and in mentoring afterwards. Jen’s kind, warm, and objective interaction with me felt wonderful and supportive, and helped me feel seen and that she knows me well. I feel filled with gratitude to work with her, learn from her, and to have had the opportunity to have this assessment with her. This experience has opened a ton of new arenas for me in my own practice, my work, and my life to move towards growth, health, and balance. Thank you Jen!

Merlin - Germany

It’s hard to describe what happened to me when I did my assessment with Jen. It was like a whole split in my life happened, in a good way. I couldn’t believe that she was able to read me and my mind so clearly, and it was hard to hold in my tears of relief throughout our entire session. Perhaps most helpful was that she was not only able to see into my mind and describe it with crystal clarity, but she was able to help me see what I could do concretely in my life to make room for my full flourishing. I had had an IQ test ages before, and it had never helped me understand my mind or what to do with it in my real life. Now I feel like I have a manual for myself and a map of where to go and how to get there.

Claire - Norway

The assessment session with Fabienne was a true eye opener, and after this it feels like things are starting to fall into place. I have read countless self help books, tried yoga and meditation but could never really find the reason as to why I always felt out of place. The session made me realize that the positive effects of being gifted greatly outweigh the negative ones, and that I have the potential to achieve amazing things! Instead of blaming myself for being different I now appreciate seeing the world from a different angle (or rather from different angles) and am eager to continue with further coaching.

Mikael - Switzerland

My assessment with InterGifted was a huge wake-up call, like a big positive explosion in my life. I have been hiding away behind anger and pain, and realizing that with my highly gifted mind, I can actually use that anger and pain constructively was a major aha moment in my life. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but that two hour assessment transformed me, and I’m so appreciative to Jennifer for her insights and expertise.

Rob - USA

My assessment session with Jen was great. I felt excitement and joy afterwards. For the first time I did not have to lie to myself to be able to relate to another person. That was really confusing at first, but I realised that feeling that way is a really good thing. Thanks Jen.

Yungda - The Netherlands

My first thought following my assessment session with Jennifer was: “This saved me at least 10 to 20 years of suffering and searching in the quest called ‘who am I? and why do I feel so different?'”. I am extremely thankful for her commitment to help people like us to acknowledge our spark and give us tools to cope and harness the power within us.

Casper - The Netherlands

I have done the assessment session with Jennifer. This was an amazing experience to connect with such a beautiful person. Many things were going through my mind and I was still having so many questions after my discovery of giftedness a few years ago. Something was suddenly making some sense… I recently stumbled upon the difference that being highly gifted also brings into the mix. Jen was able to provide confirmation, comfort, advice and guidance that will change the way I will see and organize my life forever. I felt at home. I cannot thank you enough for these two hours that changed my perception of life. I would recommend the assessment session to anyone who would like to better understand how giftedness has influenced and shaped their life. Thanks Jen!

Vincent - Quebec

“Grateful” is the first word that comes up when I think about the assessment I had with Jen. The second one is “mind-blowing”. The third one would be “transformative”. It’s only been a few days and already, I have tons of new perspectives on myself and the ways I interact with the world. I had previously done the WAIS test with a neuropsychologist, did therapy both for my giftedness and other trauma from my childhood, read tons of books, … I thought that I had a fairly good idea of what was going on but wow, was I wrong! I didn’t even know that “existential intelligence” existed! Jen is at the top of her art and words cannot explain how deeply those two hours impacted me positively. She is truly amazing. I would highly recommend the assessment session to anyone who wants to understand themselves better, heal and grow.

Mélanie - Québec

I did both my assessment and orienting session with Fabienne and I must say she was a perfect fit for me. As an autistic woman, her introduction paragraph on the InterGifted page had resonated with me, and I was not disappointed. I really loved the process of preparing the assessment, and even more the assessment itself. Before discovering InterGifted via their Podcast, I was not really aware of the extent of giftedness, outside of the intellect part. Discovering how my existential side was dominant answered so many questions at the same time, I was shocked! It made so much sense! Fabienne is funny, in a good way, she is straight to the point, and it was perfect to keep me connected during the assessment. Talking with her gave me hope because I realized my loneliness was “curable” and she gave me many hints on where and how to look. There are as many ways to blooms as I am willing to explore and embrace them. The assessment is a very organic process, and it’s amazing to not have to hide your true self and not be scared to be “too much” again. It’s now time for me to pursue my healing and blooming journey as a gifted mind.

Emilie - US

I’ve been engaged in personal self-discovery for decades, and gifted-specific discovery for many years. I thought I had the workings of my mind figured out pretty well. And then I had an assessment! In her skillful, compassionate way, Jen revealed aspects and nuances of my mind that I had never been able to see on my own. It was a lot to process, but the notes and directions for exploration Jen provided were extremely helpful in being able to walk away from the assessment with not only hope and a renewed outlook, but also ways in which I could slowly begin integrating and rediscovering these aspects of myself. I’m still integrating and exploring months later and so grateful I have this wholehearted data to guide me!

Kelly - Canada

The assessment with Jen was like re-discovering myself with someone who could see me, articulate that which I couldn’t and validate it. The intense and ‘different’ parts of who I am have been kept in the peripheral and the assessment helped me bring them to the forefront with someone who has the authority and the compassion to say “I see you, and you’re okay”. Learning that there’s a reason for my sensitivities, and finally having a place or a label for the structures of my thoughts and reactions was like one giant exhale. Jen is kind, ridiculously smart and overall, a true badass. The assessment is an investment that I’d highly recommend to anyone with a subtle inner knowing that they’re different but who doesn’t have the tools or expertise to be able to pinpoint the how’s/what’s and why’s of it.

Rebecca - Australia

My assessment with Jen was a pivotal experience in my gifted development. She mirrored aspects of how my mind works to me, that I had always felt, but could never articulate nor access meaningfully. Thanks to the validation the assessment process offered, and the wealth of data I gained on how to understand my gifted mind, I can now learn how to bring those aspects of my into my life more fully.

During the assessment, Jen guided me through the process with clear information, delivered in an empathic and caring way, so that I felt very safe exploring these previously uncharted aspects of myself. She listened, understood, and responded to my questions and concerns in a way that I felt she really “got” what I was talking about and where I was coming from. She made specific and relevant connections from the information we covered in the assessment to my current life situation, so I could apply the data to my life straight away.

The process after the assessment resulted in a deeper integration of my whole personality at a holistic level: a true sef-development quantum leap whose reach I hadn’t expected. I’m feeling at home in my mind and body in a way I had not experienced before, even with over 15 years of dedicated self-development, and roughly 10 years of trauma healing under my belt.

Thank you Jen, and I hope many more people will continue to benefit from your expertise in this context of unique, deep self-discovery!

Karin - Germany

I truly enjoyed the assessment with Luzi. For me, it was very helpful to be asked questions that required me to dig more into my embodied experience, and it actually opened a pathway to access more memories and information than I thought possible. I realized that I can connect to my mind, with concentration, and push through the foggy grey layers to reach the more concrete information beneath. Thank you, Luzi, for your time and expertise. My session with you was a vital piece in understanding myself and continuing to unlock the other missing pieces. I look forward to utilizing the suggested resources you included.

Kendra - US

I always knew I was weird, but never knew why. A colleague suggested I contact InterGifted and I did, almost blindly. I jumped right into an assessment with Jen, and my world turned upside down (in a good way) as a result. I discovered that not only am I gifted, I’m highly gifted, and very likely autistic. Oh my god, it explains so much about my life, my joys, my struggles. I can’t believe it! I’m due to be tested for autism in a few weeks, and I have to say that I’m excited. That might sound strange, but when you feel weird for so long without understanding why, and then someone explains your mind to you in a way you never thought anyone would understand you, it is such a relief. Also, Jen is very positive in her approach, and focuses on the unique possibilities that each person has, given their unique neurology and personality. I know there are struggles being 2e, but knowing I have Jen and InterGifted to count on for support, I feel I’ll be able to face them constructively.

Dave - Australia