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"Gifted trauma" is the trauma that gifted (highly intelligent) people experience because of being ridiculed, ignored, rejected, misunderstood, out-of-place, left out or left behind, pressured, or excessively groomed as a result of their unusual minds. Gifted people's experiences of other non-gifted specific traumas are also unique, in the way they are experienced with extreme intensity. InterGifted's founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin and her guests explore all this - and the hope and healing that is part of the journey.

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Podcast Interviews

A Conversation on Gifted Trauma. Jennifer Harvey Sallin with Marije Hofland on the Een Intense Reis Podcast (2022).

Unpacking the [Neurodiversity Discovery] Journey. Jennifer Harvey Sallin with Sophia Elliot on the Our Gifted Kids Podcast (2022).

The difference between an IQ test and a qualitative gifted/2e assessment! Jennifer Harvey Sallin with Nadja Cereghetti on Unleash Monday (2021).

There is an Oasis for Gifted Adults! Jennifer Harvey Sallin with Nadja Cereghetti on Unleash Monday (2020).

The Experience of Giftedness. Jennifer Harvey Sallin with Aurora Remember Holtzman on the Embracing Intensity Podcast (2016).

Videos from The Gifted Mindfulness Collective

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Mindfulness & Gifted Development

Embodied Mindfulness for Gifted Adults Chat

Live chat with Kelly Pryde on embodied mindfulness, giftedness, and mind-body connection, along with a guided meditation

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Embodied Mindfulness for Gifted People

GMC Open House Event

Come + have a cup of tea as we launch the Gifted Mindfulness Collective + chat about gifted mindfulness!

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Gifted Mindfulness Collective Open House

Jennifer Harvey Sallin Chats with the Gifted Mindfulness Collective

Videos from I Heart Earth

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Less is More: Slowing Down as a Form of Activism, with Jan Provoost & Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Regenerative Activism, with Kelly Isabelle DeMarco & Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Climate Reconnection, with Gwyneth Jones & Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Parenting in a Changing Climate, with Elizabeth Bechard & Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Resilience in a Changing Climate, with Sarah Birch & Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Ecosystemic Leadership, with Adam Lerner & Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Connecting with our Ecological Selves, with Eric Windhorst & Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Rewilding Journeys, with Karin Eglinton & Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Nervous System Regulation in States of Sustained Crisis, a guided meditation with Jennifer Harvey Sallin

InterGifted Coaching Network Talk Series, 2016-2017

Giftedness & Romantic Relations, with Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Your Rainforest Mind, with Paula Prober

Giftedness & Self-Compassion, with Ronnie Grandell

Gifted Results or Gifted Relations, with Willem Kuipers