Being Me: Reflections on the Gifted Person’s Path to Authenticity – a new ebook from InterGifted’s Community

Our second InterGifted community writing/expression compilation is here! Being Me: Reflections on the Gifted Person's Path to Authenticity was just published. We thank all our members who contributed to this diverse and inspiring work of art.

This book explores the seeming enigma of "gifted authentic self-expression". How and with whom to express what it's like to be one's gifted self most naturally? And what's it like to be a gifted or twice-exceptional person working toward authentic self-expression? What does the path feel and look like?

We explored these questions in the InterGifted community, via a community writing and creative expression project aimed at giving our gifted and twice-exceptional members the opportunity to write, paint, draw or otherwise express what it's like to walk their own path toward authentic gifted expression. The result is a deeply moving, inspiring, diverse, entertaining, and thought-provoking visual journey through the lives of your gifted peers around the world.

Includes 30 contributors and and 32 entries. 127 pages in PDF format. All proceeds go to support InterGifted's free and reduced-cost services.

You can buy the book at our bookshop.


Read the article that inspired our project: Giftedness & Authenticity, by Silver Huang

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