Being Me: An InterGifted Community Writing (and Creative Expression) Project – January through March 2018

BEING ME: An InterGifted Writing (and Creative Expression) Project - Now till March 31st!

In September 2016, our InterGifted community shared a writing month, in which we contributed to an ebook on the giftedness discovery journey. That became our ebook Embracing the Gifted Quest!

Join us as we enter into a new community writing project which will take place over three months: January to March 2018. It will be an opportunity for any of our members to contribute writing, art, and poetry, all on the theme (inspired by the work of our new partner project, Intrepid Integrity!) of giftedness and authenticity. Our working title is:

Being Me: Reflections on the Gifted Person's Path to Authenticity

You are welcome to write an essay or article, poetry or (a digital version of your) art which allows to you express your gifted self authentically. You can use this as a personal exercise in allowing the gifted parts of yourself that you typically hide away to come to light, or you can tell our readers through your writing or art about your own challenges and joys on the journey toward authenticity as a gifted person. The idea is for you to express what it's like to be youauthentically!

We will have a special event group in our IG Facebook Community where you can ask questions or exchange ideas and thoughts with other contributors during the project. To submit your final entry, please email it to us by March 31, 2018 at We will edit and compile the entries in April 2018, and put our ebook for sale on our website. The proceeds go to keeping our community fees affordable to all and to keeping our blog ad-free. Of course, all contributors will receive a complementary copy of the completed compilation. We look forward to reading you!

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