Climate Emergency and Gifted Advocacy – Q+A with Jan Provoost

As gifted people, we tend to seek ever increasing understanding of our own contexts, which for many of us ties together with the knowing that everything we do as human beings is inseparably interconnected with all of our planet's living systems.

The realities of the ongoing Climate Emergency can overwhelm us with a whole spectrum of emotions -- from grief, confusion, fear and paralysis, to rage and despondency. It is essential that we find safe spaces to approach the subject, and to connect with each other in solidarity, so that we can process those feelings and find out how each of us can contribute to the restoration of the planet.

As a part of InterGifted's ongoing commitment on behalf of our planet - and alongside our new partner project, I Heart Earth - we invite you to a climate-change themed Q+A in our community this coming week! Our Q+A will start tomorrow, June 30th, and go till Friday, July 5th.

If you're not yet part of our community, you can join us here.


InterGifted coach Jan Provoost will be answering your questions. Jan is a science communicator and climate activist, and as a gifted person, he is perfectly positioned to answer a wide range of questions - from the facts on the climate crisis to the emotional realities of the many phases of stepping into advocacy as a gifted person (from "coming out of the closet" to the ongoing management of our energy and emotional resources, and more).


If you're ready to include weekly meditations of compassion and gratitude, on behalf of the planet and those who work hard to protect and defend it, we invite you to join us at our partner project I Heart Earth. Be sure to follow us for details on our weekly meditations, and for resources to support you and your community through the internal and external realities of our climate challenges.


If you're struggling to work through your own overwhelming feelings in the face of the climate emergency, we can help: as part of our efforts to band together and support each other in grieving, transitioning and finding our unique contribution, we have a therapy search service for anyone facing climate-related grief, fear, and/or trauma; and for anyone ready to take action toward finding their own unique contribution to the collective task of earth restoration. Learn more on our therapy search page and contact us at


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