Community of Practice Pilot with Gifted Mindfulness Collective – Nov 2019-Feb 2020

Birth of the Program

In August 2019, we put out a call to interested members of the gifted community to help us build an online community of practice - a space where we could come together for meditation practice, learning and growth opportunities, and open-hearted connection with our peers. So many of you responded! In September, we held 2 info and planning sessions where we gathered feedback on community needs and interests. We've pulled everything together and are ready to launch a pilot trial of this space starting in November!

The heart of this community will be weekly online gatherings where we will meditate together around monthly themes relevant to the gifted experience and engage in shared reflection and discussion. There will also be a moderated private discussion group where members can share reflections, questions, resources, etc with their gifted peers. Plus, we have many more opportunities included.

Dates & details

The pilot will run from Nov 2019 to Feb 2020. Founding Members are invited to help us build and shape the direction of this space for future members of the gifted community and will enjoy benefits at this level of membership. Complete details on the pilot and Founding Membership can be found on our website - There you can also download a PDF of the Community of Practice Pilot program.


Registration for Founding Membership is open until November 2 after which time it will be closed until the end of the pilot in 2020. Email Kelly at to join and co-create with us on this unique initiative!



Kelly is a neuropsychologist, coach and mentor specializing in giftedness and mindfulness-based approaches to living well with intensity. She lives in Canada and works with people of all ages to help them support their unique inner experience and thrive. Kelly is the founder of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective ― an InterGifted partner project. Feel free to get in touch with her to schedule a session!

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