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Our online courses, workshops & groups have been developed especially for gifted adults and the professionals who support them. They are taught and facilitated online by our InterGifted coaches. Our participants are gifted adults and professionals who are dedicated to and invested in their own personal growth and to growing together with their gifted peers. Read what our participants say about their experience learning together with their gifted gifted peers in this unique setting.


Gifted Psychology Training for Therapists & Coaches

These gifted-specific professional training courses are offered by InterGifted's founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin. They are specially designed for coaches, therapists, psychiatrists and other helping professionals who want to specialize in, or have better tools for, supporting gifted clients. They are combination courses which allow space for your own growth and reflection as a gifted person and gifted professional, while providing you with the theoretical knowledge, practical insight, case studies, and peer feedback to start your gifted-specific practice or bring your existing practice to a new level.

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Mindfulness Courses, Workshops & Community via the GMC

Via our Gifted Mindfulness Collective, led by psychologist and coach Kelly Pryde, we offer courses and workshops for gifted adults on the themes of mindfulness foundations, embodied mindfulness, healing gifted shame, mindfully dealing with gifted anger and rage, and more. We also have a Community of Practice for gifted women.

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The Art of Gifted Leadership

This combination personal and professional development course, created and led by InterGifted's founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin, is a 6-month learning journey for gifted adults in positions of leadership. It is an ideal professional development program for gifted leaders who want to consciously integrate their holistic gifted traits and needs into their leadership development and roles, to tap into their full gifted potential, and to learn sustainable, authentic and self-compassionate ways to employ their integrated gifted energies to make a positive difference in the world.

Through study modules, homework, and live group discussions once a month, participants are invited and guided to dive deep into their personal and leadership processes and identities, considering their giftedness profile, energies, values, and personal and professional needs. We consider our leadership in a systemic context, where our leadership takes place: in our current global social, political, and environmental reality. The course content as well as our group discussions serve to cultivate personal and collective insight, transformation, and emergent possibilities for holistic, authentic and sustainable leadership in our complex world.

If you're interested in getting on the wait list for our next offering of this course, email Jen.

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Gifted Multipotentialites Course

This 6-month group course with InterGifted Coach Marion Kee addresses the challenges and opportunities that come with being a gifted multipotentialite. Via course preparation and live discussion, you'll explore common career/job/school/relational gifted multipotentialite issues and solutions and how to envision and shape a balanced and fulfilling life as a gifted multipotentialite. Each monthly session of two hours incorporates a reading-in-advance and a Q&A/group discussion based on that session's theme. The atmosphere is a cooperative, engaged group of dedicated individuals excited to make progress in their lives. You can learn more about the course content via Marion's Gifted Multipotentialites Course Syllabus (2019).

Marion also offers multipotentialite and career coaching & mentoring for gifted people on an individual basis. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with her or getting on the wait list for our next offering of this course, email Marion.

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Gifted Autistic Women's Group

Our Gifted Autistic Women’s Peer Discussion Group provides an empowering and generative space for gifted-autistic women to come together and support each other in their self-discovery journey. In once-a-month group sessions, facilitated by integration coach Fabienne Wydler, we cover topics such us:
  • the process of integrating your understanding of autism & giftedness as a woman
  • developing authentic and autistic-friendly self-care routines and schedules
  • how you can authentically and meaningfully connect with others, given your unique neurocognitive profile
  • navigating career, hobby, time-management and life-balance, given your interests, strengths and limitations
  • family, parenting, and relational challenges and opportunities, given your particular relational needs and context
  • the path to healing, resilience and empowerment after difficult past experiences related to your giftedness or autism
  • finding meaning in the world, as your unique self with your particular gifts

Fabienne also offers one-to-one gifted autism integration coaching. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with her, or getting on the wait list for our next offering of this workshop, email Fabienne.

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Gifted Writers Masterclass

You yearn to voice your experience and opinion to a gifted or general public, through articles, b/vlogs, social media posts, or – why not – a book? You’d like to bolster your unique, gifted writing voice and touch readers in a truthful and authentic way. You’d want to develop your writing for advocacy and leadership? Then this masterclass is definitely for you! In the course of the sessions and depending how much time you can commit, you will embark on a writing adventure. In the online sessions, led by writer and writing coach Jan Provoost, we discuss our projects and give mutual, constructive feedback on each other’s texts. Additionally, we explore a number of selected topics (see below) and in between sessions, there will be loads of tips, guidance and exercises. The language we use to communicate in the masterclass is English, but the language in which you write may also be French, German or Dutch.

Course themes include:

  • Understanding your gifted writing process
  • Developing a unique, truthful writer’s voice
  • Finding inspiration, everywhere
  • Experimenting with structure, language, style, and perspective
  • Selecting one’s readers and communicating with them
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Daring to submit your writing to a public, including your autobiographic writing

Jan also offers writing coaching for gifted people on an individual basis. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with him, or getting on the wait list for our next offering of his masterclass, email him.

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