Creatives Group Journey, led by Cheryl Graham

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Come join InterGifted's Creatives Peer Group for our newest creatives journey together! We've just finished a half-year program guided by Jenna Brown, and we're re-opening our group to new members. Cheryl Graham will be taking over temporary leadership of our group, with a beautiful vision to lead us:


“To create is to live, to be; it is one of the deepest human needs and experiences. We need spaces to create, to be and know and feel wonderfully good in the knowing. I hope to make this a warm, welcoming and enjoyable place where we reconnect with who we are and what we want. Like branches on a blossoming tree, my deep theme is multiplied. I want us to explore the essence of what it was like when we enjoyed being creative when we were little and would make things or build things just for the fun of it, and also, I want us to see art and creativity as a path to enlightenment and evolution, kind of like a butterfly with two separate wings. But most of all I want us to see this community as a place where we have fun, and share and be vulnerable and explore and be extraordinary and know there are no limits but the ones we have created for ourselves, and we can change those.”


About our group: We gather gifted creatives from around the world in a Secret Facebook Group (different from InterGifted’s main Peer Community). We explore creativity together, share our creations, (re)discover and hone our creative process, and look at creativity from both a meta-perspective and a daily practice of self-care. There is no need to be a professional artist for you to join; we are open to all gifted creatives, whatever your form of creativity.


Learn more and sign up here!



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