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The Gifted Mindfulness Collective & I Heart Earth

Now Available — Emergence: Contemplations & Creative Expressions of the Gifted Feminine

‘Emergence’ is our Gifted Mindfulness Collective’s first contemplative writing and art compilation. The culmination of a year-long labor of love, more than 35 entries are included where gifted and twice-exceptional women give voice to the gifted feminine. Readers are invited into a portal of opportunities for their own contemplations and reclamations at a time when the feminine is deeply called on for our global and spiritual transformation.… Read More

Legitimizing Your Gifted Needs, Workshop with Karin Eglinton — coming Autumn 2021

This online workshop with Karin Eglinton is an opportunity for gifted adults to take inventory of, legitimize and discover how to meet their gifted-specific needs. An important part of the giftedness discovery and integration process is sorting through which of your needs are gifted-specific, how not getting them met in the past may have caused confusion or hurt, and how you can creatively and bravely heal and commit to meeting your gifted needs in the present and future.… Read More

Writers Masterclass: Gifted Advocacy, with Jan Provoost — starting Autumn 2021

Coming this Autumn, join writing coach Jan Provoost for a gifted writers masterclass. This is a special class for gifted people who year to voice their experience and opinion to a gifted or general public, through articles, b/vlogs, social media posts, or – why not – a book? This class will help you bolster your unique, gifted writing voice and touch readers in a truthful and authentic way; and to develop your writing for advocacy and leadership. … Read More

Responding to our Changing World, a course with Jennifer Harvey Sallin — coming in Autumn 2021

Jennifer Harvey Sallin is currently forming a course to start in Autumn 2021, for gifted people who are ready to consciously engage with and face the challenges of our changing world. This course will be a long format and will allow participants to dive deep into their personal and social processes, to formulate and make progress toward important goals of engagement, to move beyond current limitations to thinking/action/mindset/context, and to expand their scope of influence and socially connected engagement in the world. … Read More

Resourcing Workshop for Therapists & Coaches, with Esther Goldinger — October 2021

Esther Goldinger will offer our next Resourcing Workshop for Therapists & Coaches in September. In this workshop, Esther will guide you to connect with your power within. Through guided visualization, art-making, discussion, and group sharing, you will explore your inner resources as a holistic experience (emotional, sensual, visual, physical, mental) and integrate them into your whole system. … Read More

Gifted Autistic Women’s Group, with Fabienne Wydler — starting September 2021

Join six of your gifted and autistic female peers for two hours online every month for six months to share, discuss and explore various themes related to life as a gifted and autistic woman — all with the aim of discovering more about what it means to be a gifted and autistic woman, giving and receiving support and peer mirroring related to your life as a gifted/autistic woman, and exploring and experimenting with ways  to thrive with your particular neurocognitive makeup.… Read More

Resourcing Workshop for Therapists & Coaches — June 2021

Coming in June, our gifted energy and body therapist Esther Goldinger will be guiding a group of gifted therapists and coaches in a workshop designed to help them connect to their inner energetic resources as a helping professional. In our current world, many of us therapists and coaches are finding that our clients need extra support and empowerment; and we too have to manage the fast-shifting energies, ongoing world changes, and the lack of safety many of us are tuning into on all layers of being. In this workshop, Esther will guide you to connect with your power within. … Read More

Introducing Esther Goldinger — Our Gifted Trauma, Energy & Body Therapist

Last year, we started a partnership with Esther Goldinger, an online gifted energy and body trauma therapist. Now that Esther has taken the step to devote her energies full-time to her practice, we are happy to introduce her formally and invite you to connect with her for online sessions (in English or German). Esther’s therapy is based in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Theory of Steven Porges, and Somatic Experiencing. … Read More

Gifted Psychology 101 for Coaches, with Jennifer Harvey Sallin — starting June 2021

We’re currently taking registrations for our next iteration of Gifted Psychology 101 for Coaches, scheduled to start in June 2021. It is a combination course which allows space for your own growth and reflection as a gifted person and gifted professional, while providing you with the theoretical knowledge, practical insight, case studies, and peer feedback to start your gifted-specific coaching practice or bring your existing coaching practice to a new level.… Read More

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