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Gifted Autistic Mentoring Program – a new individualized mentorship program with Fabienne Wydler

We’re happy to announce the arrival of our new individualized mentoring program for gifted autistic adults who aim to deepen their self-knowledge and explore their self-leadership skills as a neurodivergent individual. This program is designed to encourage gifted autistic people to innovate by applying their unique way of seeing and experiencing the world. It’s all about how the strengths and challenges of giftedness and autism provide unique opportunities for growth, expression, meaning-making and connection with yourself and others.… Read More

Our new ebook is here! These Gifts Are Sacred — now available at our bookshop

Our newest community ebook is now available in our bookshop! In ‘These Gifts Are Sacred’, poets paired with artists in our community to create an anthology of illustrated poems exploring the sacredness of our gifted experience. This moving and deeply nourishing compilation invites you into the sacred space we’ve created, to re-member the wholeness of your gifted self together with us.… Read More

Navigating Gifted Burnout, Summer Discussion Group with Marion Kee — starting August 6, 2022

As we deal with the emotional overhead of all that’s going on in our own lives and in our local and global context, many of us are navigating a sense of gifted burnout. In our Summer online discussion group facilitated by Marion Kee, we’ll talk about practical mental, emotional, physical and existential self-care & gifted burnout recovery, while also exploring our gifted existential experience of witnessing humanity’s current trajectory and finding our own unique path through it. Our discussions will aim to support you in finding balance and meaning as a gifted person in the midst of navigating rapid change.… Read More

Introduction to Giftedness Profiling, with Jennifer Harvey Sallin — starting Autumn 2022

This training course with our founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin is for therapists & coaches wanting to learn how to help gifted clients better understand their experience and expression of their giftedness profile. An essential part of supporting gifted clients in their healing, self-discovery, integration and growth process is providing them accurate mirroring and information for the particularities of how their minds work and how those particularities affect their lives and relationships.… Read More

The Work That Reconnects, with Gwyneth Jones & Jennifer Harvey Sallin — June 21, 2022

Gwyneth Jones and Jennifer Harvey Sallin will be facilitating an experiential workshop for gifted adults who care about the earth, based on Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects framework. We will be exploring gifted-specific ways we can express our gratitude for being alive on earth, honor our pain around what is happening in the world right now, work to see the situation with new eyes, and go forth in action to contribute to the betterment of the world. … Read More

Gifted Multipotentialites Course, with Marion Kee — starting January 2022

Our Gifted Multipotentialites course is back! We’ll be starting our next group in January 2022, and registration is now open. Taught and facilitated by InterGifted’s gifted multipotentialite & career coach Marion Kee, this 7-session course is designed for gifted multipotentialites who are ready to embark on a self-discovery and learning journey, together with a group of their gifted multipotentialite peers.… Read More

Young Gifted Leaders Circle: A Free Support & Guidance Circle for Gifted Teens, led by Jennifer Harvey Sallin

This circle, led by our founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin, is dedicated to supporting and guiding young gifted people who are taking a leadership position in climate and ecological work, advocacy and activism. We will host discussions on youth leadership development, transmuting difficult emotions into powerful action, using our gifts for change, advocacy and activism framing, group brainstorming and support, and other ways for creating sustainable and effective climate and ecological leadership. … Read More

Gifted Psychology 101: A Course for Psychologists, with Jennifer Harvey Sallin, starting January 2022

Our next training group of psychologists is starting in January 2022. We currently have up to three spots available and registration is open. This is an online training course for coaches, therapists, psychiatrists and other helping professionals who want to specialize in, or have better tools for, supporting gifted clients. … Read More

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