Existential Boost! A free webinar on Positive Disintegration & the gifted experience, with Lotte van Lith – May 4, 2023

Existential boost! - a free webinar open to all, hosted by InterGifted & A Lot of Complexity.

Join us May 4th in this webinar, led by coach and author Lotte van Lith. We will take a deep dive into humanistic developmental psychology, with special attention to the theory of positive disintegration and the gifted experience. Amongst others, we will explore concepts such as developmental potential (including the well-known overexcitabilities), the five developmental levels and more specifically the psychological growth dynamics and 'dynamisms'. We will explore Dabrowski's perspective on psychological growth through creative illustrations, exemplars and existential self-examination, and we will also question how positive disintegration processes may relate to the lived experience of gifted adults. We will co-create a space for deepening and playful reflection and connecting with each other, and at the end Lotte will share a bibliography for further self-study. Also, on May 4 at 20:00, the Netherlands commemorates victims of war: we will be honoring them together during a moment of silence in our webinar.
The webinar will take place on May 4, from 19:30 – 21:45 CET. You can join us at: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83027066387. No registration necessary to join. This webinar will not be recorded, but Lotte plans to record similar webinar offerings in the future. Follow her work to stay informed.
To learn more about Lotte and her work, go to: www.alotofcomplexity.com/over-lotte
You can follow her on Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook.

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