Existential Crises & Gifted Resilience – an open Q&A with Richard Edelman

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JOIN OUR OPEN Q&A with InterGifted mentor Richard Edelman on our public Facebook page this week, July 3 through July 6.


Questions of meaning and existential crises are all common to the gifted experience. How can you use your gifted resilience to respond to the call for meaning?

You are invited to ask Richard anything that's on your mind about your own search for meaning, existential questions and crises or even existential depression, as well as your desire to connect with your inner strength and resilience as a gifted person. Richard knows the journey well, and has gathered wisdom for how to cultivate meaning and find deep strength in our gifted minds. He will answer your questions in our discussion and provide advice, guidance and resources for you to explore and consider as you work toward finding your own meaning and using your giftedness as a source of strength and resilience.





Richard is an InterGifted mentor who specializes in guiding and supporting highly to profoundly gifted adults on their journey toward meaningful contribution, relating, and healing. To inquire about one-to-one mentoring sessions with Richard, email us at coaching@intergifted.com or contact us via the chat bar here on our site.

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