An Exploratory Journey Through the Overexcitabilities – Starting October in our HEPG Peer Group!


Starting October and for the next six months, InterGifted's HEPG Peer Group will be embarking on an in-depth group exploration of the Overexcitabilities of highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted people (in the context of Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration). We'll be guided by member Karin Eglinton on our (self)-discovery journey, who will be providing weekly discussion prompts to explore the various facets of each of the Overexcitabilities and how they affect us, our self-development, relations, work, creativity and sense of well-being. We will use these prompts for self-exploration and group exploration. 


Want to join us?

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Who is the HEPG Group?

The HEPG Group is made up of members of InterGifted who identify as highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted. We have a smaller peer group within InterGifted, where we talk about and support each other related to our high+ giftedness. To learn more about us and join, follow this link: 


What does Highly, Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Mean?

To learn more about high+ giftedness, see this article: High, Exceptional & Profound Giftedness



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