Facing Gifted Resistance & Self-Sabotage – an Open Q&A with Max Sawyers

Join us this week for an open Q&A with our new InterGifted coach Max Sawyers on the topic of facing gifted resistance and self-sabotage. We all know the pain of facing resistance and self-sabotage in our personal growth as gifted people. It can show up in our relationships, in our progress toward our personal and professional goals, in the voices we hear from our inner critic, and in our self-limiting behaviors of perfectionism, entitlement, repression, and denial. What resistance have you faced in your own life and personal development, especially as it relates to your gifted mind, and what questions do you have for our coach Max about how to exit the resistance and self-sabotage cycle?You can post your questions in our Facebook post anytime between now and March 1, 2019, and Max will answer you there. We look forward to a lively discussion.

For context, you also may enjoy reading Max's recent article on the phenomenon of "Self-Generated Reality" and how it contributes to patterns of resistance and self-sabotage (also how to exit the cycle): Resistance, Self-Sabotage & Breakthoughs on the Gifted Journey. Max specializes in coaching gifted men on these themes. To inquire about coaching with Max, email us at coaching@intergifted.com and consider joining his upcoming bootcamp for gifted men - news coming soon!


Max is an exceptionally gifted and autistic coach who supports gifted adults - and gifted men in particular - in overcoming patterns of resistance, denial and other forms of self-sabotage in their process of gifted self-development. He helps his clients learn how to heal scars and find courage and resilience in the process of coming out of denial and fully accepting their uniqueness, sensitivity, wounding and potential. He is based in Australia and works with clients around the world. Feel free to to reach out!


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