New Group Forming: Gifted Artists’ Group

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IG Artists’ Curator Ashraf Osman is forming a Gifted Artists’ Group.

As Ashraf says, art is a challenging domain for anyone, but for gifted people it is especially demanding: gifted artists are often proficient in other more conventional domains, and given social pressures and expectations, end up prioritizing the them. And the need to express and explore creatively often remains frustrated. This is why Ashraf is forming this group: to help the artists in IG band together to make the road a bit easier, to commiserate, network, and exchange ideas, projects, and tips. The idea of the group is to meet each other, learn about one another’s work and interests, and then present the group members’ work to the wider audience of InterGifted and the world. Initially, the plan is to do that online, given the wide geographic spread of members. But the (not-so)-secret hope is to eventually have a physical exhibit, or more…


To learn more about Ashraf and to join his group, visit his groups page.  



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