IQ scores don't directly help you understand how your (gifted) mind works or the various nuances of your unique gifted profile. That's where a qualitative assessment comes in. Qualitative assessments with InterGifted help you look at whether you are gifted, and if so, what your unique gifted profile is. Your unique gifted profile looks at all the nuances, potentials, and challenges of:




whether you're gifted and how you cognate




based on your cognitive style, range, and speed



such as intellectual, emotional, and creative 



such as ADHD, learning disabilities, or Autism


Our assessments take a full-picture look at your unique profile, opportunities and challenges, including: 
  • a look at how environmental and social support, resources, and opportunities (or lack thereof) have helped or hindered your ability to express essential parts of your gifted mind and self fully
  • a look at how other complicating factors such as trauma history and chronic physical or mental health issues have affected your ability to express your gifted mind and self fully
  • many times, a clarifying discussion about the difference between external evidence of giftedness (such as good grades and eminence) vs. the inner reality of giftedness which may not be expressed in traditionally externalized ways


All of our assessments include recommendations for resources to explore to better understand your particular gifted mind and expression, and to resolve conflicts or challenges related to that.

Based on your unique profile, needs, and personal goals, we also provide recommendations for the next steps on your self-discovery journey. Our recommendations can span from research to social resources to coaching/mentoring and therapy recommendations (including, to the gifted coaches and mentors in our InterGifted network, if appropriate). All assessments are tailored to each individual client, as are our resource recommendations.


How the assessment works:

Our assessment sessions are two-hours long and are held virtually on, or via email for those who prefer written assessments. They are preceded by pre-assessment reading and written preparation from the client, and include a lengthy discussion about all of the aspects of one's gifted profile listed above. If desired, additional assessments sessions can be scheduled to further explore more specific aspects of the initial assessment discussion, such as how twice-exceptionalities or other factors affect giftedness expression or how one can best manage one's energy based on their gifted profile; however the first assessment session gives a thorough overview of giftedness level(s), areas of intelligence, possible twice-exceptionalities, and resources and recommendations for personal development based on one's unique profile.

To get an idea of what you can expect from our assessments, you can read about the experiences of our clients here.


Answers to commonly asked questions:
  • Our assessments are qualitative, not quantitative; so we do not do IQ testing. You do not need to have an IQ score in order for us to carry out an assessment. If you have an IQ score from a previous test, we may factor that into our qualitative assessment, however it is not a necessary requirement.
  • You also do not need to be sure that you are gifted before having an assessment. If you are unsure, we help you evaluate that and can still provide resources and suggestions for next steps, even if you discover that you are not gifted via our assessment.


How to schedule:

If you are interested in scheduling an assessment with our founder Jennifer Harvey Sallin or her trainee coach Silver Huang, email us via the form below or at



Assessments with Jennifer Harvey Sallin cost 500 Swiss Francs
(assessments can be conducted in English, French or Italian)

Assessments with Silver Huang (supervised by Jennifer Harvey Sallin) cost 450 Australian Dollars
(assessments in English)