Gifted Autistic Mentoring Program – a new individualized mentorship program with Fabienne Wydler


Our New Gifted Autistic Mentoring Program

We’re happy to announce the arrival of our new individualized mentoring program for gifted autistic adults who aim to deepen their self-knowledge and explore their self-leadership skills as a neurodivergent individual. This program is designed to encourage gifted autistic people to innovate by applying their unique way of seeing and experiencing the world. It’s all about how the strengths and challenges of giftedness and autism provide unique opportunities for growth, expression, meaning-making and connection with yourself and others.

InterGifted neurodivergence integration coach Fabienne Wydler will be your mentor, sparring partner and change agent. Over six sessions of 45 minutes (bi-weekly for three months, or at another pacing if needed), Fabienne will guide you in an exploration through topics like self-care, boundaries, social communication, and how gifted autistic trauma play a role in your gifted autistic experience, always with the focus on how you apply your self-knowledge and inner resources to self-actualize and generate. Here’s a more detailed (but not exhaustive) list of topics you may explore in the program:


      • developing authentic and autistic-friendly self-care routines and schedules
      • life balance: navigating career, hobby and family, given your interests, strengths and limitations
      • authentically and meaningfully connecting with others, given your unique neurocognitive profile
      • effectively communicating your needs and advocating for your special cognitive make-up
      • family and parenting challenges and opportunities, given your particular needs and context
      • relational challenges and opportunities, given your neurocognitive wiring and relational environment
      • the path to healing, resilience and empowerment after difficult experiences related to your giftedness or autism
      • creating meaning in the world, as your unique self with your particular gifts
      • freeing resources and uncovering gifted autistic values to find new patterns of creation



Requirements for joining 

We have developed this program for adults who know they are both gifted and autistic, and who are in a phase in their life where they are ready and able to fully invest in their personal growth and development. We do not require a formal diagnosis of autism or a formal identification of giftedness; however, if we have not already gotten to know you via our assessments, coaching or previous courses, we will ask you for some background information about your giftedness and autism discovery and integration process, in order to evaluate whether this program is a good fit for you.

Because of our program’s purpose, content and format, it is necessary for you to feel able to openly share about your personal experience. If you are struggling with social safety, overwhelming emotions, or other hinderances to full participation, we recommend seeking qualified therapy or other individualized support that is better suited to your current phase of healing or self-discovery.


Cost, Logistics & Registration

Cost is 650 CHF in total, payment is upfront. Bi-weekly sessions are scheduled on zoom according to participant’s availability (or at another pacing, if needed). The participant should be available for about an hour of homework between sessions. The homework includes readings, videos, podcasts and some extraverted creativity such as writing.

To inquire about participation in the program, email with a bit of your background and goals for participation at Fabienne will help you determine if the program is right for you.

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