Gifted & Austic Women’s Peer Support Group, with Silver Huang — starting in Dec/Jan

Our next Gifted × Autistic Women’s Peer Support Group is now open for registration, aiming to start this coming December or January! We are offering two groups, with 6 spots available each.
Join six of your gifted and autistic female peers for two hours every month for six months to share, discuss and explore different themes related to life as a gifted and autistic woman, from the meta to the granular -- facilitated by our InterGifted coach Silver Huang.
Many gifted women, after years of not understanding why or how they are functionally different from the people around them - even from other gifted people - discover that autism explains their extra differences: their hyperlogical mind, their difficulty with neuronorm social rules, their executive function or sensory overwhelm challenges, and so on. Finding out about autism for these women feels like “things suddenly coming together and making sense for the first time”.
This realization often leads them to a completely new journey of self-rediscovery of their unique profiles, and how the strengths and challenges of autism provide them unique opportunities for growth, expression, meaning-making and connection with themselves and with others.
Our Gifted × Autistic Women’s Peer Support Group provides an empowering and generative space for these women to come together and support each other in their self-discovery journey. We cover topics such as:
  • separating out what is autism, what is giftedness and what is trauma and how/where they overlap for you
  • what autistic trauma is and how to heal from it / how you have been healing from it
  • developing authentic and autistic-friendly self-care routines and schedules
  • how you can authentically connect with others, given your unique profile
  • how you can cultivate generativity in your life, given your profile, values, relationships and resources
Registration is open now! Go to for more details and contact Silver at to register your interest today.
Silver also offers one-to-one gifted autistic coaching support. To learn more, visit her website at

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