Gifted Autistic Women’s Group, with Silver Huang — Starting in July


This group, led by Silver Huang, is a self-development peer group for gifted and autistic women. Through six facilitated discussion sessions, you will explore together with your gifted autistic peers how have you integrated your knowledge of autism in your life; separating out what is autism, what is giftedness and what is trauma and how/where they overlap; what autistic trauma is and how to heal from it / how you have been healing from it; developing authentic and autistic-friendly self-care routines and schedules; how you can authentically connect with others, given your unique profile; and how you can cultivate generativity in your life, given your profile, values, relationships and resources.


Sessions are once a month for six months, and last 2 hours. Cost is 125 CHF per session (750 CHF total). Contact us if you’re interested in joining the July group or getting on the wait list to join a future group.

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