Our coaching and mentoring helps you learn about yourself as a gifted or twice-exceptional person. We are dedicated to helping you learn more about your gifted mind, as well as to accept, nurture and celebrate the unique way your gifted brain, emotions and intensity work. We support you with goal-setting, strategies and implementation, so that you can reach your personal, professional, and relational aims in a way that is authentic and natural to you.


evaluate your giftedness, combat misdiagnosis, and learn about how your unique mind works



identify your highest values and use your gifted intensities in your work, academics, and creativity


learn how to communicate well as a gifted person and deal with relational challenges


learn to use your giftedness and intensity as a source of strength and stability in your life


How does coaching or mentoring help me understand my gifted mind?

Your gifted mind is a piece of the puzzle that makes you you. Without understanding it, it can take control over the rest of you through perfectionism, relational problems, sensitivities, and other common gifted "side-effects". Once you do the work to understand it, however, it can be a wonderful source of strength and creativity in your life. 

What are some of the themes I can work on with a gifted coach or mentor?

  • Understanding what giftedness is and what it means for you; what you can do with it in your life
  • Getting to know your gifted self and putting your intelligence to action toward your values
  • Thriving as a gifted multipotentialite or polymath
  • Career planning and decision-making in a non-gifted-dominant world
  • Understanding, validating, fulfilling, and living by your unique needs and values as a gifted person
  • Facing questions of and finding existential meaning
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and other blocks to authentic action
  • Discovering your authentic gifted voice, values and self-expression
  • How to communicate effectively as a gifted person
  • Nagivating relationships as your authentic gifted self
  • Exploring or mastering your creative process or
  • Entrepreneurship as a gifted person
  • Practicing gifted-specific mindfulness
  • Thriving as a twice- or multi-exceptional person
  • LGBTQAI experiences and issues
  • Coaching for Gifted Writers
  • Coaching for parents & gifted kids coaching & mentoring - learn more on our page: GIFTED KIDS, PARENTS & FAMILIES COACHING.

Who are your coaches and mentors?

We have a group of nearly 25 coaches and mentors around the world. All of our coaches are formally trained in coaching, and most of us have at least some basic training in psychology (some of us have extensive training in psychology). We come from varied educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and vary widely in age, but we are all united on two things: we are all gifted and we are all passionate about supporting our gifted peers. You can learn more about our backgrounds on our FAQ PAGE. Our clients are usually relieved to find us and to finally receive help and support that is adapted to them and their unique gifted mind. READ WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT WORKING WITH US.

How do the logistics work?

Most of our work is done on Skype or another virtual connection platform, unless you happen to live in the same area as one of our coaches! Email us below and we'll put you in touch with one of our coaches for an initial free call. Pricing varies from 75 USD to 225 CHF per hour, depending on where our coach lives and their breadth of experience. We provide more logistical details about our coaching and mentoring on our FAQ PAGE.

What if I'm not sure I'm gifted?

We can help you evaluate your giftedness from a qualitative, holistic perspective. We view giftedness as more than just IQ - it includes emotional, creative, interpersonal, and other forms of intelligence.