Gifted coaching is tailored to support you and your thriving given your unique mind, experiences, challenges and potential as a gifted or twice- / multi-exceptional person. Through our coaching process, we help you learn more about your gifted mind; to accept, nurture and celebrate the unique way your gifted brain, emotions and intensity work; and to build a life, career, relationships, and personal mission based on your true potential, values, and meaning.


Coaching can be short-term or long-term, depending on your needs for support. Since our coaches live all around the world and vary in years of experience, our coaching fees range from 100 to 170 CHF. Many of our clients like to start with a qualitative giftedness assessment, as it provides a clear look at your unique cognitive profile and opportunities, and includes customized coaching recommendations.

For those who are not ready to engage in the assessment or ongoing coaching process, or are unsure whether they need therapy or coaching at this time, we also offer orienting sessions, which are one-time (or several) sessions aimed at getting an overview of your situation and providing clear feedback and direction for your giftedness integration / personal development journey. Orienting sessions do not provide coaching or an assessment of your profile, but rather gather information and orient you toward the kinds of longer-term support that will be most beneficial for you. These sessions typically last 1 to 1.5 hours and cost 170 CHF per hour.

Orienting sessions can be held with our coaches Silver Huang, Merlin Györy or Karin Eglinton. You can learn about each of them by clicking on their names, and contact them directly to schedule. Alternatively, if you are unsure who you'd like to meet with, you can contact us at to share some basic background information yourself about what you'd like support with, and we will match you to the best-fitting coach.


  • Giftedness self-discovery & integration
  • Self-awareness & integration of twice- or multi-exceptionality
  • Putting your intelligence to action toward your values
  • Gifted-specific & multipotentialite career development
  • Effective relating & communicating
  • Reconnecting with your intuition
  • Practicing gifted-specific mindfulness
  • Coaching for gifted writers
  • Navigating academia as a gifted person
  • Gifted parenting


Our coaches are based throughout the world and we work with clients via Skype or a similar online platform (or in person if you happen to live close by). Aside from being trained in coaching, psychology and giftedness, we are gifted and many of us have a second-exceptionality (or multi-exceptionalities). Having had to become experts at strategies for thriving as neurodivergent people, we now coach and guide others who are embarking on or working through the same process. We come from varied educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Our coaching specialties include gifted assessment, gifted career development and multipotentialite thriving, gifted self-awareness and self-development, philosophical and existential coaching, overcoming resistance and obstacles, managing high sensitivity, raising gifted kids, healthy relating, and more.

Many of us also teach workshops and courses & guide specialized groups via InterGifted, which you can learn about on our courses page. Our coach Kelly Pryde has founded our partner project The Gifted Mindfulness Collective, and our coach Silver Huang has founded our partner project Intrepid Integrity. Our coaches Karin Eglinton and Merlin Györy are also very involved in InterGifted's leadership & initiative development. You can learn a bit more about our group of coaches on our FAQ page and read about our clients' experiences with us on our testimonials page.


Many people wonder whether to request coaching or therapy. This largely depends on whether you are in a healing, constructive or growth phase of your personal development journey. Therapy is designed to support clients with healing, crisis situations, mental health support, and coping during periods of overwhelmingly heavy emotions such as grief, anger, shame, and apathy. Coaching works in the realms of courage, acceptance, willingness and hope and focuses on building a life based on one's core values and authentic interests. Often, gifted/2e clients are working on various aspects of their development simultaneously (i.e. trauma healing and learning how to thrive with their giftedness), and many work with us in coaching on the constructive aspects of their development, all the while simultaneously getting support from a therapist on the healing aspects of their development.

You can learn more about these differences, as well as about gifted therapy and our gifted body-based trauma therapist Esther Goldinger, by reading our Gifted Therapy Page, our FAQs, and the following articles:

If you are still unsure which method would work best for you at this time, or how to skillfully combine the approaches, we recommend scheduling an orienting session in which we'll help you clarify the best way forward, given your current needs and goals.



To get connected to a coach or to schedule an orienting session, email us at or via the contact form below. Tell us about where you are on your giftedness discovery / integration journey and what kind of support you are looking for at this time. If you have any trouble with the form submission below, or you don't hear back from us within one week of submitting the form, please email us directly at

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