Giftedness Integration Work and Gifted Coaching are exploratory and creative methods that support you, as a dedicated and conscientious gifted or multi-exceptional adult, to integrate and operate by the innate wisdom of your own unique gifted mind. We also offer mentoring for gifted helping professionals and leaders, as well as gifted-specific body & energy work for individuals and leaders, and gifted mindfulness work for women. As we work with giftedness from a holistic perspective, we work with intellectual intelligence alongside and together with the body intelligence, emotions, intuitive awareness, creativity, and strong purpose. We are an international organization, offering our services online throughout the world -- learn more below.



Giftedness Integration Work sessions are designed for gifted adults who have just (re)discovered their giftedness or who feel ready to look deeper into the role their giftedness plays in their lives, and more consciously embrace the wisdom of their unique cognition. This self-development work includes a series of online sessions with an integration coach who supports you in exploring, getting to know, and applying the various aspects of your giftedness and your extended cognitive profile (such as specific areas of intelligence or multi-exceptionalities) to your personal and professional life. For clients who are not already aware of the configuration of their giftedness profile and expression, we recommend having a giftedness assessment with us prior to starting giftedness integration work. For clients who already have a basic understanding of their level and areas of intelligence, as well as any overexcitabilities or twice-exceptionalities present in their profile (see our model of giftedness), a certain amount of integration work can be done without a formal assessment.

The coaches featured below are available for online Giftedness Integration Work sessions, each focusing on a particular aspect of integration in their work. Session cost depends on the coaches' location and level of experience, ranging from 130 CAD to 250 CHF. You can click on our coaches' names to learn more and get in touch to schedule an appointment. For German-speaking clients, Fabienne Wydler (pictured below) is available for sessions in German. For French-speaking clients, we have a giftedness integration coach who has limited availability for integration work clients (she is not pictured below), and you can contact us directly for exploring work with her. All other sessions are in English.

Karin Eglinton
gifted intuition & life purpose integration for leaders and developing leaders

Fabienne Wydler
integrating your giftedness & neurodivergence and/or gifted-neurodivergent family integration

Luzi Yang
renewing your self-concepts with genuine gifted self-understanding

Kelly Pryde
mindful integration of giftedness & neurodivergence for women, adolescents, parents & families

Eric Windhorst
integrating your giftedness with your authentic inner nature

Marion Kee
gifted multipotentiality & gifted career integration



Gifted coaching is designed to support specific goals in your life. It is for gifted adults who are in a stable emotional state and situation, but need the creative collaboration of a gifted & gifted-knowledgeable coach for important life and career decisions, planning, personal or professional project building, navigating academia or family life, or pursuing another specific goal.

Coaching can be short-term or long-term, depending on your needs for support. All of the giftedness integration coaches pictured above are also available for gifted coaching. Additionally, we have an extended network of gifted coaches who offer gifted-specific coaching on additional themes, such as:

  • creative writing coaching
  • philosophical coaching
  • positive disintegration coaching
  • executive functioning skills coaching
  • mentoring for navigating academia
  • gifted parenting coaching (see our family coaching page)

Cost for coaching sessions depends on the coaches' location and level of experience, and ranges from 130 CAD to 160 euros per hour. All sessions take place on, and we offer coaching in the following languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish. You can learn more on our Coaching FAQ's page and inquire directly about sessions with us via our profiles above, or for more general coaching requests via



Karin Eglinton provides ongoing mentoring for gifted coaches and therapists who are building their gifted-specific practice and/or developing their leadership skills within the gifted services realm. Sessions with her cost 185 euros and can be scheduled with her at Please note that she has a waiting list of three months for mentoring sessions.



Esther Goldinger is our body and energy therapist and coach. She specializes in working with gifted coaches, therapists and individuals who are firmly on their leadership and self-leadership path. She works with high-level professionals and dedicated individuals to support them in their self-healing process. This can include resourcing, nervous system regulation skills, energy management, resolving remaining trauma/gifted-trauma energy in the body, and other self-healing and energy-renewal methods. Sessions are offered in English or German, and cost 174 CHF per hour. You can learn more about Esther and her work, and schedule a session with her at her website.



Kelly Pryde is the founder of our partner The Gifted Mindfulness Collective. She offers mindfulness guidance and community for gifted women who are reintegrating with their full gifted self-expression. You can learn more about her services and community at the Gifted Mindfulness Collective website.



Many of us also teach workshops and courses, guide specialized groups, and offer professional training. You can learn more about our upcoming offerings on our courses page



  • Our services are designed for dedicated adults who are ready to explore their giftedness and able to actively apply what they discover in sessions. This work takes place in the realms of courage, acceptance, willingness and hope, and focuses on building a life based on one's core values and authentic needs and interests. Clients who have have blocks to exploration and application are encouraged to seek therapeutic support as a first step.
  • Given the purpose, format and ethical constraints of our work, it is important for our clients to be in a stable and non-rushed emotional and psychological state, and to be comfortable working with the notion of giftedness following the giftedness model we use. As a reference, this work is designed for clients who find themselves in the realm of 61-100 on the Global Assessment of Functioning Scale.
  • We are not able to provide crisis support, so if you’re going through a period of crisis, extreme emotional or existential pain or turmoil, or unmanageable fear, anger, grief, shame or apathy, we recommend reaching out to a local, qualified therapist or other crisis professional for support.
  • We are no longer able to provide orienting or therapy search sessions.
  • We receive a high volume of requests and we are only able to respond to those requests which correspond to our service offering. Thank you for your understanding.