Q+A on Gifted Education: Rising to Today’s Challenges – Sept 23-27

Education is in a drastic change process. No longer are we able to keep kids in school and simply tell them what to do. Kids today - gifted kids included, of course - are gravely affected by what's happening with our climate and are needing to engage in the world and in their education process in drastically different and innovative ways. A gifted student today has to deal with a lot more than just struggling to find gifted-specific educational opportunities, they have to struggle to find meaning in being educated while feeling existential threat and fighting to be heard in their fight for basic rights to a safe world.What more appropriate time to open a community discussion on gifted education, where it's been, how far it's come, and how it must adapt and transform to meet the very real and urgent needs of today.

Heather Brand and Malinda Mosley will be answering your questions this week (Sept 23 - 27) on rising up to the challenges of education at this momentous time in history -- particularly when you're a gifted educator yourself!

While our members who are teachers or work in education will find this discussion particularly interesting, you don't need to be in education to participate. If you're a parent or family member of a gifted child, or want to explore your own experiences with education through the lens of this week's theme, feel free to jump in.

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