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Growing up gifted or twice-/multi-exceptional is an intense and complex journey, as is raising gifted/2e/me kids; both gifted kids and parents often need knowledgeable guidance to thrive. Challenges that arise around educational needs, social development and belonging, managing emotional intensity, executive functioning skills, communication and conflict, can be addressed through gifted-specific coaching.



About our coaching

Our coaches provide cognitive, emotional, social, educational and mindfulness coaching to help you navigate the complexities of gifted family life with greater ease, purpose, connection and meaning. We work with a holistic model of giftedness, which starts with intellectual giftedness, but always considers other forms of intelligence (such as emotional, creative, sensual, physical and existential intelligences), as well as other exceptionalities and intersectionalities. Additionally, we work holistically within the family system: our services are designed to support the thriving of the whole ecosystem of the parents and kids.

As such, our services are designed for families who are in a stable situation and for parents who have adequate time, energy, and financial resources to invest in building an engaging future for their family. Because of the scope and nature of our service, we are unable to provide crisis support, therapy, or work with clients or families who are in deep emotional distress. For a reference, our services are designed for clients who are in the stable-to-thriving range (61-100) on the Global Assessment of Functioning Scale. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we are only able to respond to requests that correspond to our service offering.

The coaches featured below are available for online coaching sessions for parents, children and families, each focusing on a particular aspect of support in their work. You can click on their websites to learn more and get in touch to schedule sessions. For German-speaking clients, Fabienne Wydler is available for sessions in German; all other sessions are in English.

Fabienne Wydler

Fabienne is based in Switzerland and works with families for integration of giftedness and neurodivergence. Learn more at


Kelly Pryde

Kelly is based in Canada and works with adolescents, parents & families for giftedness & neurodivergence integration coaching. Learn more at


Sandra Clifton

Sandra is based in the US and works with parents & kids via laser-sessions for academic and social-emotional insight. Learn more and get in touch at