We provide coaching and mentoring specifically for gifted or twice-exceptional kids, parents, and families. Having a coach or mentor who gets your unique mind and your neurodiverse family's unusual needs, challenges and opportunities makes all the difference. Our coaches and mentors are trained in psychology, coaching, and educational therapy and offer individual and family sessions via Skype anywhere in the world. Our mentoring and coaching helps you and your child(ren) understand giftedness and twice- or multi-exceptionality; manage high intensities and emotions; create relational, communication and parenting strategies; and find fitting and inspiring academic arrangements.


Our coaches and mentors use an approach that combines social and emotional development with "cognitive coaching". We guide gifted and twice- or multi-exceptional kids to a higher level of social, emotional and cognitive self-awareness and integration. Educationally, we help them rediscover the joy in learning and support them and their families in carving out an appropriate educational path for based on their areas of passion and interest and their gifted- or expceptionality-specific needs. We also help them manage emotions and accommodate for exceptionalities and other challenges related to their complex cognitive profile, and support them in learning self-care and self-advocacy strategies, at home, at school, with peers, and in their own relationship with themselves.


Parenting a gifted or twice-/multi-exceptional child (or children) is a complex and intense journey. We work with one or both parents, separately and/or together with your kids - and most often we mix and match versions of these sessions over the course of the coaching/mentoring, based on your family’s needs at the moment. Coaching and mentoring sessions provide education, strategies, emotional support, and practical guidance and resources to help you in creating a family culture that celebrates and works with giftedness and neurodiversity, so that you and your children can thrive together.


Most of our work is done on Skype or another virtual connection platform, unless you happen to live in the same area as one of our coaches or mentors. Email us below and we'll connect you with a coach or mentor that best meets your family's needs. Coaching / mentoring can be short-term or long-term, depending on your situation. Our kids' and family coaches' pricing ranges from 120 USD to 150 USD per hour, depending on the coaches' location and years of experience. We provide more logistical details about our coaching and mentoring on our FAQ page. If you are unsure whether you or your kids are gifted, we can help you evaluate that. We view giftedness as more than just IQ - it includes emotional, creative, interpersonal, and other forms of intelligence. While we don't do IQ testing, we do help you evaluate your giftedness from a holistic perspective. Additionally, if you feel that your family needs therapeutic rather than coaching or mentoring support, we can support you in your search for an appropriate gifted-knowledgeable therapist - get that process started via our Gifted Therapy Search page.



Email us at or via our contact form below to tell us about where you and/or your child(ren) are on your giftedness discovery / integration journey and what kind of coaching or mentoring support you are looking for at this time. We will get back with you with a week to connect you with a coach or mentor. If you have any trouble with the form submission below, or you don't hear back from us within a week of submitting the form, please email us directly at

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