Gifted Men’s Group – Starting December 14th



As a gifted man, do you have accurate social mirroring, guidance and support? Many of the gifted men we know struggle to find this personally and professionally.
So, starting on December 14th, we're gathering a group of men together in a unique setting - mixing the concept of a men's group and an incubator. Our aim is to cover fundamental topics such as leadership, self-leadership, self-reflection and self-development. It's a space where you can learn to trust and support other gifted men on a peer level; a space that has room for humor and open hearts; a space to practice our skills of relating and regulating; and a space to cultivate safety and awareness for our own process.
Our coach and community leader Merlin Györy will be facilitating our online group and providing prompts, discussion and resources on topics which will follow along on each participant's journey, and the groups' shared journey, flowing emergently from the meta-themes below to the micro-themes of each man's daily life challenges and opportunities for inner and outer growth.
  • moving things collectively that we can't move alone
  • creating a space to be heard in one's unique challenges and sense of meaning as a gifted man
  • to have access to reflections from other gifted men
  • transforming the restrictive "normative culture" mold of what it means to be a man, and a gifted man at that
  • developing relational skills as a man
  • the path to healthy self-empowerment
Cost & Logistics:

The group is starting December 14th, and will continue for six months meeting once a month on the second Saturday of every month at 3pm CET. The cost of each session is 100 euros. We meet on the video conferencing platform for two hour sessions.


Registration closes on December 7th. To express your interest in participating in this group, email Merlin with your background and reasons for wanting to join the group: Merlin will work with you to determine your fit for the course, and will provide details for registration.

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