Mindfulness for Gifted People with Kelly Pryde

With: Kelly Pryde, InterGifted Coach & Mentor & Founder of The Gifted Mindfulness Collective

When & Where: Next course starting in late January 2019; on zoom.us

How often: 6 sessions, once a week (dates/times determined with participants)

Spots available: 10

Session length: 1.5 hours per session

Cost: 550 CHF total


This course is returning in January 2019 as part of our Gifted Mindfulness Collective partner project with Kelly Pryde. It is designed for gifted people who are ready to learn to connect with themselves authentically and support their intensities skillfully through the practice of mindfulness. It will help you cultivate a new relationship with yourself: think of it as “Gifted Self-Care 2.0”! Kelly will give you gifted-specific support to help you build the foundation for developing a personal practice. Sessions include thematic discussions, experiential exercises, a variety of mindfulness practices and homework assignments (to support your practice between sessions).


  • Understanding mindfulness within the context of the gifted brain
  • (Re)discovering intimacy with and authenticity of the gifted self
  • Cultivating positive mind states that foster creativity, flow and intuition
  • Learning the basics of somatic experiencing and meeting one’s gifted self with kindness
  • Working skillfully with difficult feelings common to gifted people
  • Cultivating compassion for the self and sustainable compassion for others


  • 3 months free access to the Gifted Mindfulness Collective online practice community (includes brief daily meditations to support your practice, live community gatherings with gifted peers, and discussion forum)
  • Unlimited access to guided audio meditations used in course
  • Personalized coaching + support between sessions


"I just completed this course and it was wonderful! I found it extremely helpful to be able to discuss in depth with gifted peers and to be heard by them. It helped me to realize how important it is for me to take the time to be with and understand myself as a gifted adult. It revived dormant aspects of myself that I now know need attention, and I feel better equipped to give that attention thanks to the tools I learned from Kelly. Thank you very much for offering this important work to gifted people. It is a huge relief to have self-development opportunities that are tailored for me!" --E.V.
"For anyone contemplating taking Kelly’s course – take it!! She’s an amazing leader. The content was on point, and I also really enjoyed “chatting” with other gifted individuals. It was a great way to get back into meditation and mindfulness." --Carrie

"Taking Kelly's was an absolute delight. She designed an interdisciplinary approach, from poetry, to neuroscience, to Buddhist psychology to allow us to enter step by step into this big concept that is mindfulness. Each session was accompanied by a practice, which allowed us to directly apply what we had learned conceptually on that day. Kelly was very open to discussing the topics with the participants and she even redesigned the last session to better fit our needs and to answer the questions that we had raised! She provided us with very useful tools to calm the much solicited limbic system of our gifted minds, and to reach a state of peace and compassion. It is only the beginning of the journey for me but taking this course Kelly allowed me to start! Thank you!" --Cécile

Read more feedback on our workshops feedback page.
Or learn more about this course and the Gifted Mindfulness Collective via Kelly's recent chat with InterGifted founder Jennifer Harvey Sallin:


If you are unable or not ready to participate in the group setting, Kelly also offers mindfulness support for gifted people on an individual basis. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with her, write us to schedule a free intro chat.

Email us to schedule an exploratory chat with Kelly or to register


Kelly is a neuropsychologist, coach and mentor specializing in giftedness and mindfulness-based approaches to living well with intensity. She lives in Canada and works with people of all ages to help them support their unique inner experience and thrive. Kelly is the founder of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective ― an InterGifted partner project. Feel free to get in touch with her to schedule a session!

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