Gifted Multipotentialites Course, with Marion Kee – starting January 2021



Our Gifted Multipotentialites course is back! We'll be starting our next group in January 2021, and registration is now open.

Taught and facilitated by InterGifted multipotentialite coach Marion Kee, this 7-session course is designed for gifted multipotentialites who are ready to embark on a self-discovery and learning journey, together with a group of up to five of their gifted multipotentialite peers. Here are some of the main themes covered in our course:

  • Understanding the complexities of multipotentiality (exploring the research and resources on mulitpotentiality, giftedness and creativity)
  • Keeping a positive self-image in a world that doesn’t necessarily understand the gifted multipotential path and value
  • Confronting and resolving the challenges of gifted multipotentiality in relationships and family life, including communication and negotiation strategies and tools
  • Overcoming feelings of being an imposter ("imposter syndrome") related to your gifted multipotentiality
  • Understanding and meeting our gifted multipotentialite needs for multi-dimensional development
  • Constructing fitting career, job, and academic paths as a gifted multipotentialite
  • Shaping a balanced and fulfilling life as a gifted multipotentialite
This course takes place over seven sessions on (scheduled according to participant availability, typically at one-month intervals). Sessions are scheduled monthly according to participant availability and last 3 to 3.5 hours. Each session incorporates a reading-in-advance module with prepared written homework and a lengthy facilitated peer group discussion based on that session's theme during the session. An important part of this course is the peer interaction and support/inspiration process it provides, so for any of you hoping to connect with other gifted multipotentialites in meaningful ways, this course provides the ideal context to meet those needs.
Cost is 200 USD per session. We'll be starting in January 2021. Register by emailing us at
Marion also offers coaching and mentoring for gifted multipotentialites on an individual basis; email her to schedule a session.


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  1. Meredith
    | Reply

    What texts or readings will be utilized? Thank you.

    • Jennifer Harvey Sallin
      | Reply

      Hi Meredith,

      You can have a look here at the 2019 course syllabus to get a good idea of the readings: 2019 Syllabus. The course is pretty much the same as you’ll see here, with a few important additions for the seventh session on imposter syndrome.

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