Gifted Multipotentialites Course, with Marion Kee — starting January 2024

Our Gifted Multipotentialites course is back!

We'll be starting our next cohort in January 2024, and registration is now open.

Taught and facilitated by InterGifted's gifted multipotentialite & career coach Marion Kee, this six-session course takes place over six months and is designed for gifted multipotentialites who are ready to embark on an in-depth self-discovery and learning journey, together with a dedicated group of their gifted multipotentialite peers.

What is multipotentiality & why do we offer a course about it?

Multipotentialties are people with many interests and creative pursuits who can perform well across a variety of domains. They have no interest in sticking with one job, industry, or passion for the rest of their lives, something which can clash with modern "specialist" culture. Multipotentiality is a relatively recent term, but older terms like polymath, renaissance person, generalist and "jack/jill of all trades" describe an essentially similar disposition. Well-known historical multipotentialites were people like Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Maya Angelou. They didn't fit into any kind of social mold, and if you're a multipotentialite, you probably don't either! Multipotentialites need social mirroring, support, resources and courage to live out their unique multi-faceted potential. This course is all about providing that essential grounding, for your potential to take root and flourish.

Here are some of the main themes covered in our course:
  • Understand the complexities of multipotentiality (exploring the research and resources on mulitpotentiality, giftedness and creativity)
  • Keep a positive self-image in a world that doesn’t necessarily understand the gifted multipotential path and value
  • Confront and resolve the challenges of gifted multipotentiality in relationships and family life, including communication and negotiation strategies and tools
  • Overcome feelings of being an imposter ("imposter syndrome") related to your gifted multipotentiality
  • Understand and meet your gifted multipotentialite needs for multi-dimensional development
  • Construct fitting career, job, and academic paths as a gifted multipotentialite
  • Shape a balanced and fulfilling life as a gifted multipotentialite
Learn more about the structure & content of the course:

For an idea of this course's syllabus, you can find a previous syllabus here: Gifted Multipotentialites Course Syllabus.

What do participants say about the course? 

"This was an excellent program that offered me the chance to expand my personal awareness of my own gifted/multipotential mind and it provided excellent insight into coaching the gifted/multipotential client. This was all done through a series of informative readings, reflective writing exercises and the dynamic monthly group discussions…all of which were professionally facilitated by the kind, perceptive and highly attuned coach Marion. This was a safe space to share topics of sensitivity and to be able to grow in a like-minded/like-hearted environment. While Marion’s keen attention was a positive aspect of the program, I especially enjoyed the monthly meeting with the fellow cohort members. In our seven months together we developed positive relationships that were meaningful and that will hopefully continue going forward. Thank you again for a great program." - Amy, US

Dates, Logistics & Cost:
This course takes place over six sessions on Zoom. Sessions are scheduled monthly according to participant availability and last 3.5 hours. Each session incorporates a reading-in-advance module with prepared written homework and a lengthy facilitated peer group discussion based on that session's theme. An important part of this course is the peer interaction and support and inspiration it provides. So for participants longing to connect with other gifted multipotentialites in meaningful ways, this course provides the ideal context to meet those needs.
Space is limited to six participants, and we'll start in January 2024. Cost is 295 USD per session, paid prior to each session (a reduced fee option is available for people with legitimate financial limitations -- contact us to inquire about this option).
Individual Multipotentialites Coaching:
If you're unable to participate in our group course, Marion also offers individualized coaching and mentoring for gifted multipotentialites. Email her to inquire about scheduling a session!

How to Register:

To inquire about joining this course, email us with your a short summary of your multipotentialite background and interests, and your motivations for participation. Marion will meet with you to explore your fit for the course, and if it's a match, we'll provide you with registration details!

About your course facilitator: 

Marion Kee is a profoundly gifted multipotentialite who has worked in a variety of fields throughout her professional life including research computer science and teaching philosophy in academia - always with writing and music having strong place in her life. As an InterGifted coach, mentor, and course facilitator, she supports gifted youth and adults who are building or navigating their own creative careers and unique life mosaic, and who are navigating their gifted life in a fast-changing world context. She is based in the US and works with clients all over the world. You can learn more about her here.


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