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This 6-month group course with Marion Kee addresses the challenges and opportunities that come with being a gifted multipotentialite. Being a person with a fast mind, extreme curiosity, and lots of areas of skill and passion brings its own unique flavor to life and can be challenging in careers, school, relationships and even for self-image. This is due to being in a world where being a multipotentialite can be misunderstood as "lacking focus", "being unable to choose one thing", or other such judgments. This course explores these issues and tackles them one by one, in the setting of a group of peers (and a facilitator) who all know exactly what it's like to struggle and to want to thrive as a gifted multipotentialite. Sessions are scheduled monthly according to participant availability and last between 2.5 and 3 hours. Each session incorporates a reading-in-advance and a Q&A/group discussion based on that session's theme. The atmosphere is a cooperative, engaged group of dedicated individuals excited to make progress in their lives.

Themes covered in the course:
  • Understanding multipotentiality (looking at the research, resources on giftedness and creativity)
  • Career/job/school issues as a gifted multipotentialite; expectations, achievement and moving on
  • The challenges of multipotentiality in relationships and family life; communication and negotiation
  • Keeping a positive self-image in a world that doesn’t necessarily understand the gifted multipotential path and value; understanding our needs, honoring and accommodating the drive to develop
  • Envisioning and shaping a balanced and fulfilling life as a gifted multipotentialite
  • Next steps, practical considerations, planning for ongoing support, suggestions for further reading
Dates & Cost:

The next group will start sometime around October or November 2019, based on participant availability, and is limited to six participants (we still have a few spots left). Cost is 200 USD per session (6 sessions total). If you're interested, but have more questions, email us or schedule an exploratory chat with Marion below.

Marion also offers coaching and mentoring for gifted multipotentialites on an individual basis; you can read her article here & email her if you're interested in exploring the possibilities.

Email us to register
or schedule an exploratory chat with Marion

About Marion Kee

Marion is a profoundly gifted multipotentialite who has worked in a variety of fields throughout her professional life including research computer science and teaching philosophy in academia - always with writing and music having a strong place in her life. As an InterGifted coach and mentor, she now supports other gifted youth and adults who are building or navigating their own creative careers and unique life mosaic. She is based in the US and works with clients all over the world. Email us to connect with Marion.

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