Gifted Multipotentialites Q+A with Marion Kee


From Monday, May 20th till Friday, May 24th, InterGifted coach & mentor Marion Kee is volunteering her time and expertise for us in a week-long Q+A, in our InterGifted peer community. Any and all questions we may want to ask an expert on the subject of being and thriving as a gifted multipotentialite (AKA polymath, scanner or generalist) are welcome. They can be general about life as a multipotentialite or very specific to your particular situation.

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So what’s a multipotentialite?

The term was originally coined by Emilie Wapnick from, and is also often called scanner, polymath, or generalist. Being a gifted multipotentialite means having a wide range of interests and passions – and often being very good at all of them. Yet these interest areas may seem, from a traditional lens, completely disparate.

Finding ways to nourish the many sides of our kaleidoscopic personalities and interests can be overwhelming in its own right; even more so when *how* we solve this complex puzzle ties together with how we make meaning of our lives and express our values.

This puzzle plays out most often in the area of career and work: “what kind of work is right for me?”, “what kind of work can I do that feels fulfilling when I care so much about so many things?”, “What if I’m ‘done’ with this career path in a few months or years, and need to follow another (and another, and another…)?

And there’s yet another side to the challenges multipotentialites face: the social aspect, which includes how to share what we do in the world in a way that feels meaningful to us, while still making sense to our specialist and non-gifted friends, family, and extended network; how to talk about what we care about so that others can also understand its value, and facing external (and internalized) pressure and stigma around being perceived as flaky, all over the place, or unable to “grow up” and stick with one thing.

If this resonates with you, but you’ve never explored this side of yourself or haven’t yet found all the answers you’ve looked for, we invite you down the rabbit hole to explore and find answers for this aspect of your personality! Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Ready for a deeper exploration?

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