These gifted-specific professional training courses are offered by InterGifted's founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin. These 6-month and 12-month learning journeys take you and your gifted professional peers into the world of gifted-specific psychology. They are specially designed for coaches, therapists, psychiatrists and other helping professionals who want to specialize in, or have better tools for, supporting their gifted clients.

The courses combine live teaching, group discussion, personal exploration, professional learning & practice, and peer interaction. Each monthly session includes an extensive module and preparation homework (each month requires around 10 hours of preparation work, on average), as well as a 2-hour live teaching & group discussion facilitated by Jen via zoom. The modules and live sessions allow space for your own growth and reflection as a gifted person and gifted professional, while providing you with the theoretical knowledge, practical insight, case studies, and peer feedback to start your gifted-specific practice or bring your existing practice to a new level. You'll also expand your gifted-specific professional network and leave the course with an extensive list of gifted-specific references and resources to support your clients and your practice.

Participants say that this course is a transformational journey unlike any other, both personally and professionally. You can read their feedback and experience of the course here.

As a psychologist, coach, mentor and trainer, Jennifer Harvey Sallin has dedicated her work to serving gifted people and the professionals who support them. Her trainings are holistic, designed for both the thriving of the professionals she trains and the gifted clients they support in their practice. She has been leading Gifted Psychology 101 trainings since 2017. Learn more about Jen here.



This course is for coaches or to-be coaches who are not trained in psychology. In 12 sessions, we cover the following themes, all from a gifted-specific point of view:

  • The Benefits of and Difference Between Coaching, Mentoring + Therapy for Gifted Individuals
  • The Gifted Brain, Giftedness¬†Identification & Levels, Twice- and Multi-Exceptionality
  • Recognizing Psychopathology & Misdiagnosis in Gifted Clients
  • Personality Development Models, including Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration
  • Trauma + Trauma Healing, including Gifted-Specific Trauma
  • Family Dynamics + Relationships, including Giftedness in Families
  • Common Therapeutic Models &¬†Therapeutic Dynamics
  • Personal + Spiritual Development
  • Career Psychology, including Common Gifted & Multipotentialite Dilemmas
  • Positive Psychology + Promoting Mental Health



This course is for psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, social workers or any helping professional who already has training in at-least basic psychology or a related field. In 6 sessions, it focuses in on these gifted-specific themes:

Recognizing giftedness in clients
  • How to recognize and evaluate giftedness, giftedness levels, and unique giftedness profiles
  • How to bring up and address giftedness with a client
  • How to overcome resistance to the idea
  • Resources for client self-discovery inside and outside of therapy
Most common problem areas for gifted clients
  • Social troubles
  • Lack of peers
  • Lack of recognition
  • Romantic relational troubles
  • Trauma / Complex Trauma
  • Twice-exceptionality, Misdiagnoses + most common gifted/psychopathology overlaps
  • How to best guide and support + resources
Therapeutic dynamics with gifted clients
  • How to fully engage with gifted clients
  • How to handle the overexcitabilities and intensity in sessions
  • How to handle differences in giftedness levels between psychologist and client
  • How to have good boundaries and when to use self-disclosure with gifted clients
  • How to work with client when the psychologist is triggered by his/her own gifted issues
  • When to see breakdown as positive disintegration, and when to see it as "clinical"; how to best help in both cases
Therapeutic logistics
  • How therapy, coaching and mentoring can all help a gifted client, and when each is appropriate
  • Common therapeutic trajectories for clients and how to help them transition from therapy to other forms of support
  • Client drop out and how to maintain engagement
Gifted personal & career development
  • Common gifted career dilemmas and how to approach them
  • Helpful resources for gifted career exploration
  • Giftedness and creativity
  • Giftedness and spirituality/religion
  • Tools of positive psychology for gifted self-development
Understanding & working with special populations
  • Children, teens & adults
  • Elderly
  • Prison populations
  • LGBTQ+
  • Twice-exceptional clients


Cost & Logistics:

We meet on the video conferencing platform for two hour sessions, and dates/times are determined together with the participants. The cost of each course session is 250 CHF (total 3,000 CHF for the coaches' course; total 1,500 CHF for the psychologists' course).


To express your interest in participating in a future offering of this course, email Jen with your professional background and intentions for joining the course. She will help you determine if the course is right for you, and if so, will help you register and let you know when the next group starts to schedule.



There is also an individual-study option for both of these courses which includes individualized training for where you are in your therapeutic or coaching practice.  There is currently a waiting list for these sessions, but you can email Jen to express your interest and get on her wait list. Individual sessions are billed at Jen's hourly training rate of 275 CHF per hour and typically last 1.5 hours.