Gifted Talented Neurodiverse Awareness Week, with The G Word Film

Gifted Talented Neurodiverse Awareness Week

We're excited to be participating in The G Word Film's Gifted Talkented Neurodiverse Awareness Week, October 25 - 29. We'll be co-sponsoring Gifted Adults Day on October 27th, and participating in a panel discussion on gifted adult development themes. This webinar is free and open to the public. Director Marc Smolowitz will be facilitating the panel, and the panel will consist of Jennifer Harvey Sallin & Eric Windhorst of InterGifted, Julie Skolnick of With Understanding Comes Calm, Your Rainforest Mind author Paula Prober, and giftedness advocate PJ Sedillo.
Go to The G Word's GTN Awareness week page to register & get informed of the full week's programming.

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